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  • The Changing Face of Learning Blog Post Series: Short and Memorable

    To view part 1 in this series on ‘Do & Perform’ please check out this post! Do you know why phone numbers are written like Vado’s phone number: 1-952-545-6698, with the breaks in the numbers?  Research released in 1956 by Dr. George Miller shows the human brain remembers information better when it is presented in small pieces. The strategy more →
  • Which LMSs are rated best in world for B2B by the elearning experts?

    Docebo LMS ranked by independent analyst at no. 3 in the world for B2B! On July 18th 2014, internationally-known corporate online learning industry analyst, Craig Weiss published his list of the top 5 LMSs in the world. And we’re proud to say that he named Docebo’s learning management system (LMS) as the third best LMS in the world for more →
  • The Changing Face of Learning Blog Post Series: Do and Perform

    Most training professionals are familiar with the US Department of Labor estimates that 70% of development happens on the job, 20% happens through coaching and mentoring and the last 10% happens through formal training, which includes IL workshops and e-learning modules. And we intuitively know these statistics are true.  Remember your music teacher telling you over and over to more →
  • Off the shelf courses: Best practices for using them

    This post is the second part in a series on the subject of off the shelf courses. If you missed the first part please check out this post on ‘Getting elearning courses off the ground with off the shelf courses”. In this post we would like to answer a common question: in using off the shelf courses is it more →
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    How can Large Enterprises leverage E-Learning advantages?

    Download the free Whitepaper about E-Learning solutions and advantages for Large Enterprises

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  • LMS & Google Apps

    Docebo: the "Google Ready" E-Learning Platform

    Why is Docebo’s Learning Management System the right choice for Google Apps?

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  • NSR Nova System

    Docebo LMS and Joomla CMS integration Project.

    "Docebo has been able to
    effectively assist us, meeting our
    needs from all the perspectives"

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  • Helse Nord RHF

    Norwegian Healthcare Training powered by Docebo

    Through cooperation and joint development of E-Learning programs we can secure a uniform practice in all our five trusts.

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