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  • Join #DoceboLive webcast on 21/10 to learn about Compliance training

    Take a live, in-depth look at the Docebo E-Learning Platform and applications in L&D. October 21st will mark the second in a series of webcasts devoted to L&D topics, this one on Compliance. Handling compliance management using an LMS provides for better risk management, decreased costs, increased productivity, and a more effective way to ensure employee compliance with corporate more →
  • Compliance: Video training for workplace safety

    “The US Department of Labor estimates that organizations spend about $1 billion a week to compensate employees for safety-related job injuries. Beyond this financial burden, organizations can also face litigation if they don’t train their employees on job-related safety issues.” - ELearning! May/June 2014 Having a safe and healthy workplace is these days a major priority for both governmental organizations and more →
  • Infographic: Mobile Learning market

    In this infographic we share 10 key statistics on the mobile, and mobile learning, markets.  Stay tuned for upcoming news of Docebo LMS’s Mobile app for mobile learning! If you’d like to receive an email from us when we release the Mobile App, please let us know so we can add your name to our Newsletter subscriber list!
  • Tin Can (or xAPI) & what it means for elearning

    What is an API? This blog post has been written for those of you who are neither nerds nor geeks. If you have ever worked with software, at a certain point in your career you probably heard the word API muttered by someone in your IT department and at that time you, as most anyone would, probably nodded without more →
  • Free Whitepaper

    How can Large Enterprises leverage E-Learning advantages?

    Download the free Whitepaper about E-Learning solutions and advantages for Large Enterprises

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  • LMS & Google Apps

    Docebo: the "Google Ready" E-Learning Platform

    Why is Docebo’s Learning Management System the right choice for Google Apps?

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  • NSR Nova System

    Docebo LMS and Joomla CMS integration Project.

    "Docebo has been able to
    effectively assist us, meeting our
    needs from all the perspectives"

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  • Helse Nord RHF

    Norwegian Healthcare Training powered by Docebo

    Through cooperation and joint development of E-Learning programs we can secure a uniform practice in all our five trusts.

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