Improving individual and business performance with new learning models

According to new research from Towards Maturity, organizations that have adopted the 70:20:10 learning methodology are more likely to deploy learning programs that support business and individual performance, are more active in building connections and proactively support workers at their point of need.

In fact, these organizations turn to experiential and social learning over and above formal, more structured channels of learning.

But are these models working?

Improving individual and business performance with new learning frameworks
70+20+10=100, Improving individual and business performance

This paper, from authors Laura Overton, Dr. Genny Dixon and Charles Jennings, discusses:

Common myths and realities surrounding the 70:20:10 learning methodology, the benefits of applying new models of learning and overcoming barriers to change.

How new models of learning are being applied to social and formal learning at the point of need.

How organizations can create firm foundations for a 70:20:10 workforce by supporting learning using new technology, instilling commitment from leadership and building a skilled learning team.

How organizations can take action to embed 70:20:10 into everyday practice.

Discover why people within 70:20:10-friendly companies are more motivated and respond faster to change.