How One Association is Selling Training Online with Docebo: Case Study

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APCHQ Case Study

APCHQ reduces the hassle of associated admin work and makes their training program scalable

APCHQ, an association serving the construction industry in Quebec, Canada, needed to centralize the training activities of their many regional offices. Their Training Coordinator, Richard Tremblay, hoped to reduce the administrative burden of handling registration and payment for courses, which was all taking place in person or over the phone.

With Docebo’s Paypal integration they’re now selling training online and providing eLearning opportunities in addition to ILT courses, allowing them to better serve an increasingly younger training audience that is looking for more flexibility in how training is delivered.

In this blog post we provide a sneak peek at the new case study!

Docebo Case Study

Creating a Scalable Approach to Selling Training Online

Richard describes training as one of the primary ways the association provides value to their members while also helping attract new members. His search for an LMS began with the desire to centralize and simplify training activities.

“We were looking for a tool that would increase visibility by bringing everything together into one place,” explains Richard. “We wanted to get something that would help us manage all aspects of training, not only enrollment but also scheduling, reporting afterwards, and keeping track of what training people take.”

“Before Docebo, everything was done mainly over the phone or in person,” says Richard.

In the move from a manual approach to one powered by an LMS, Docebo’s Paypal integration proved to be a perfect fit. “We liked the layout, the way people can enroll in and purchase a course in one place with no disruption,” says Richard.

With a training audience that is not necessarily tech-savvy, that user-friendly experience is something that has been critical for APCHQ as they’ve worked to move these transactions online and make receiving payment more scalable.

Saving Time & Exceeding Expectations

Richard had pretty conservative expectations when the project first launched, as there was uncertainty about how their audience would feel about this new world of online training.

“Everybody said, ‘Oh it’s never going to happen!’” Richard remembers, laughing. “The construction industry is a really down-to-earth industry. People are hands-on.”

But members have surprised them by embracing the new approach, and it’s taking a lot of the day-to-day administrative work out of the hands of APCHQ’s small regional teams. “That’s the idea – saving time, being more efficient,” Richard enthuses. “It’s more successful than what I had anticipated. It provides customers with another option.”

Capitalizing on Emerging Opportunities

“Everything is in place now to really be able to lead the market and offer to all members the ability to follow a course here online or in the classroom,” says Richard. He recognizes that many workers in the younger generation are seeking out eLearning as a convenient alternative to classroom training. APCHQ is now set up to deliver to this growing segment of their market.

“Our board and our regional managers all now truly believe in this LMS and in this new eLearning approach. They’re very positive and see it becoming a core component of our service offering,” he says.

For more insights into how APCHQ is preparing their training approach for the future and realizing the value of selling training online with Docebo, download the full case study!