Why Artificial Intelligence is The New Fuel Powering the Docebo Platform

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AI is transforming learning into a competitive advantage. Find out how you can maximize its potential.

Data has long been coined the new oil, but data on its own won’t power your organization’s learning engine. It’s now critical to transform the data collected by your platform on your learners’ activities into actionable insights that create unique experiences – with artificial intelligence (AI).

The recent Docebo 7.5 release unveiled the platform’s first AI features and what’s unique about these new additions is that they are built on learning-specific algorithms, powered by a fine-tuned combination of machine learning, deep learning and natural language processing.

These specialized algorithms have been developed to enable your learning platform to automatically perform some of the actions that you would do manually, either as a learner or a Superadmin.

The platform can now safely and securely analyze nearly all of the different types of content that you’re adding into your platform (from PDFs, web links, multimedia, A/V etc.), and find ways to enhance and simplify the learning experience.

Learners can use the platform’s global search to find the most relevant content for them without the Superadmin needing to manually tag the content or add additional fields.

Additionally, learners can invite other learners to view their freshly-uploaded informal learning content based on our algorithms’ abilities to analyze both the new content and the historic learning patterns and content preferences of other learners in the platform.

The best part is it all happens behind the scenes, without ever interrupting the learning experience.

You can learn more about the new AI features in the Docebo platform here.

See it in action in our upcoming webinar

AI brings real smarts to e-learning in a way that elevates Learning and Development from the tool that not only makes your workforce better but turns learning into your organization’s competitive advantage.

We are excited to partner with Training Industry for a webinar that will explore the specific ways artificial intelligence in Docebo will amplify the effectiveness of your e-learning efforts.Join us on October 31 at 1 PM EDT to see why AI is the new fuel powering the Docebo platform!