Boosting Sales Performance with Modern Learning Platforms

• 2 min read

Effective sales enablement means getting the right information into the hands of the right people, at the right time.

The ultimate goal of any enterprise is to generate revenue. After all, revenue is what keeps the company going, pays employees’ salaries and enables it to invest in initiatives and tools that enable further growth. While meeting revenue targets sits on the shoulders of all of those within the organization, a business’s sales staff are those on the front lines, leveraging the insights of other departments to secure new customers and keep existing ones happy. It is therefore imperative that your sales staff has is trained effectively to ensure they’re communicating your product effectively to prospects in the field.

Sales enablement, which means getting the right information into the hands of sales people at the right time, remains a common issue at enterprises around the world. As competition increases and revenue targets grow more aggressive, the pressures on sales staff to perform are stronger than ever.

The modern enterprise needs training opportunities that empower their sales teams to ensure they meet their goals as they evolve. A modern learning platform can bring these learning strategies to life, empowering your sales teams to achieve (and exceed) their business goals.

They allow enterprises to reach entire sales teams, providing critical information on-the-go, whenever they may need it most. And they can make learning fun, tapping into the well-known competitive nature of successful sales teams with learning content that leverages gamification, bite-sized video, inputs from internal subject-matter experts, within a learning environment based on models such as the 70:20:10 framework.

With the right learning technology paired with the right content, it can be quite easy to build a customized learning experience that’s guaranteed to enable your sales people with the knowledge they need to drive performance and boost revenues for your organization.

Join Steve Goldberg, VP & Research Director of Human Capital Management Research at Ventana Research, and Nick Thomas, Docebo’s Sales Enablement Manager, on July 26 at 1PM EST for a number of insights designed to boost your sales performance with e-learning, including:

  • Common challenges and performance gaps with sales teams
  • Assessing ROI and impact of learning technologies
  • Active / passive knowledge-sharing
  • New digital technologies: 5-minute tour (AI/ML, Bots, VR, Predictive HCM)
  • Gamification and sales enablement (leader boards, etc.)
  • Predictive and prescriptive analytics
  • And much more…

Are you ready to turn your learning platform into a sales enablement machine?