Certifying and retraining your workforce

• 2 min read

Training a workforce and certifying that training is a serious business, especially when you are doing compliance and partnership training that needs to be constantly kept up to date.

If you work in this field you are likely to be familiar with the struggle to certify your employees and keep track of when they need to retrain.

In a few short weeks Docebo will release its next version, 6.6. The new Docebo 6.6 will include an app to ease the process of training, certifying and retraining your employees directly in the LMS. With the new “Certification and retraining” app you will be able to extend your Docebo LMS and do the following:

  • create a list of certifications that you want to track in your company
  • assign a certification awarded, at completion, for:  elearning courses, ILT courses, webinars, learning plans, and external activities
  • track all the expirations through simple and easy to configure reports
  • notify learners about the need for a retraining in advance, with fully customizable notifications in over 31 different languages
  • have the system automatically propose retraining options to the learner

One of the main advantages of our approach with this new feature is the separation of the certification from the course/ activity/ learning plan(s) that trigger it, allowing for much greater flexibility in the management of the certification process.This flexibility enables your learners to maintain their certification without having to retake the same course over and over again, yet all the while having the certification credential maintained and tracked by the system.

Our platform maintains the principle of “learner centered flexibility” – allowing for learners to complete their requirements in a way that is best suited for them, and have the system track and remind them when it is time to get recertified. Administrators of the Docebo system also have the flexibility to modify and add components that support this flexibility in an easy to use and visually appealing manner.

To be notified of our next release and the upcoming “Certification & retraining” app, please let us know!

Author: Fabio Pirovano, CTO at Docebo