Cloud in the rainforest: a hang-out on business model

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The rainforest is the environment seen by Hwang as a metaphor for the chaotic food chain of the new entrepreneurship. In that chaos, cloud computing claims for itself a more calm, special microclimate with benefits. To find out more, follow our YouTube hang-out on May 8, 2013, starring Claudio Erba.

It is often said that innovation is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration. The original phrase is often attributed to a forerunner of Steve Jobs, one Thomas Alva Edison: the quote is probably apocryphal, but probabilistically true.

Italy has faced – among bigger things – a redevelopment of their innovative proposal in the name of start-ups during the past three years. Many unemployed would-be innovators, bank credit locked, and a genetic tendency to deify the idea Vs. hard work have created the ideal environment for a large movement of people that are, let’s face it, dramatically confused.

The first stage has passed by and now ability is emerging from ambitions. There is still much to do, but now the taken road is much more direct than that of the recent past.

Not all new technologies are digital, nor are all companies. There are, however, many initiatives, both existing and yet to be launched, which have as their object of activity, or as its core realization, an ICT solution. In this context, it is now more convenient to evaluate a tour on the cloud.

Hangout - Cloud & Docebo

The microclimate of cloud computing
Cloud computing” is a term that encompasses a range of marketing business proposals with a solid technical foundation and an articulated structure of costs. Just solidity and structure are the conditions for such microclimate: once developed with these bases, a working group’s project naturally migrates to an area where most of the activity’s uncertainties are attenuated.

This is not the only way to mitigate the impact of market forces against a new initiative. Similarly, a complex analysis of the market you intend to launch your product/service adds a shelter from rain and sun, that’s very frequent in the development model that Hwang and Horowitt called “rainforest”.

Cloud model as a business model

From these premises, a question emerges: does starting from a cloud-oriented ICT gives an orientation to the business model? Moreover, if so, is this orientation beneficial?

Hangout - Cloud & SeewebThis will be discussed on May 8, from 18:30 in the third hangout hosted by CloudSeed by Seeweb 2013, the contest of the cloud intensity, launching the 2013 edition. Promotional tools of CloudSeed 2013 are training sessions, not only virtual meetings such as the hangouts, but also the university meetings comprised in the Academy program.

I will have the honour to host Claudio Erba (CEO at Docebo), Cosimo Palmisano, Davide Bennato (Startup Catania) and Alessandro Nasini (Startalia).

The video will be streamed from Seeweb’s YouTube and G+ pages.

Leo Sorge manages CloudSeed, the seeding program for Italian cloud start-ups. He also manages Makers University, an activity devoted to digital makers. He tweets in Italian and English as Ceo Source (@ leosorge).