Cultivating a Culture of Learning to Improve Performance [REPORT]

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Culture of learning

High-performing organizations establish a culture of learning to achieve success

Performance—from the individual contributor to the organizational level—is strengthened through learning. We should all know this. Yet although driving better outcomes and stronger business results are objectives underlying talent development efforts in any organization worldwide, companies that distinguish themselves as consistent high performers in national and global markets are especially aware of this.

High performers cultivate a culture of learning

When ATD and i4cp collaborated to explore the state of learning cultures in today’s organizations – they quickly realized that building cultures of learning was a trait of high performers.

The results of their survey of hundreds of talent development professionals are featured in Building a Culture of Learning: The Foundation of a Successful Organization, a paper recently shared by Docebo and OpenSesame.

In the paper, ATD and i4cp used this definition for learning culture:

“A culture of learning, or learning culture, is one in which employees continuously seek, share, and apply new knowledge and skills to improve individual and organizational performance. The importance of the pursuit and application of learning is expressed in organizational values and permeates all aspects of organizational life.”

The Study began with a survey fielded in late 2015 that garnered responses from 832 talent development leaders. Participants were about evenly split between national and multinational or global organizations and nearly two-thirds represented enterprises with workforces of more than 1,000 employees.

Survey findings were augmented by in-depth interviews with talent development leaders from a variety of organizations that are recognized for both market performance and excellence in learning and talent development. Members of i4cp’s Chief Learning and Talent Officer Board, a professional working group of leaders from top companies, also contributed insights to the Study.

Download the report here and start to learn how you too can begin to transform your learning culture.

Download Building a Culture of Learning: The Foundation of a Successful Organization.