Get Valuable Learning Insights with Custom Reports in Docebo

• 2 min read

Custom reports provide valuable insights on the effectiveness of your learning programs

One of the most important objectives of any training program is getting analytical data to better understand how learners are using training programs and achieving their learning objectives. LMS data can also provide insights that will allow you to improve your learning and development programs and drive organizational success.

With your Docebo LMS, you can create a custom report to view and analyze specific information about courses, users, or learning objects in your platform. In addition, you can filter the report by multiple criteria, select fields you want in your report, and set visibility level to private, public (limited to Super Admins, Power Users, or the owner), or visible to only specific users.

If you want to automate the report, you can choose to regularly receive the report to your email, or access its data via API with your existing systems.

Watch the short video below to learn how to create a custom report.

Important: Please note that the report categories that you can see on the first step of the wizard depend on the installed Apps, which can add some categories. For example, if you install the Gamification App, you will see two additional reports: “Users – Badges” and “Users – Contests”.

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