Gain Learning Insights at DoceboInspire with the Talented Docebo Team

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Docebo leadership can’t wait to share an array of insights at DoceboInspire

In addition to the excellent lineup of guest speakers joining us at DoceboInspire, including Robin Chase and Joshua Miller, we’re proud to present a great group of our own talent. The lineup is a cross section of the different areas that make Docebo great, and we’re confident they will provide deep insights on a variety of topics on the present state of Docebo, eLearning, and L&D in general.

With that, here’s a rundown of the key Docebo speakers that will be speaking at DoceboInspire on September 18 and 19 in Boston.

Docebo’s DoceboInspire Speakers

Claudio Erba: Described as a “revolutionary entrepreneur”, Docebo CEO and Founder Claudio is known for his thought leadership, particularly in the realm of eLearning and AI, and regularly appears on movers-and-shakers lists in the learning technology industry. Before founding Docebo in Milan in 2005 he lectured at the University of Florence. He has spent the last twelve years developing Docebo into the global company it is today.

He’s passionate about Roman history, mountain biking, and the singularity, and he will be diving into the topics of AI, learning automation, and the future of online learning at DoceboInspire.

Alessio Artuffo: Originally from Italy, Alessio Artuffo lives and works in Toronto in Docebo’s Canadian office. He launched Docebo North America’s operations in 2013 in Athens, Georgia and as Chief Revenue Officer he is currently responsible for the company’s revenues, services, and customer success teams.

Alessio’s main areas of expertise include modern growth approaches for highly performing SaaS businesses, and helping European companies succeed in the North American market. He’ll be delivering the afternoon keynote on the first day of the conference.

Donato Mangialardo: Donato is a passionate product and marketing leader with over 15 years of international experience focused on the delivery of enterprise software solutions at companies in the US and Europe. Combined with his B2B cloud software expertise, Donato’s history as a learner, LMS administrator and marketer of LCMS and LMS solutions led to his current position at Docebo. At DoceboInspire, he’ll be laying out the product roadmap for the future of Docebo.

Josh Squires: Josh Squires currently serves as the Chief Learning Officer of Docebo EMEA. Josh has spent the past 15 years researching and implementing creative learning solutions within corporate and higher education environments, including clients like Motorola and Disney. Josh will be delivering a wide-reaching talk entitled, “Beyond the Horizon of Innovation in eLearning: How Identity, Process, and Technology Cultivate a Culture of Learning”.

Corey Marcel: Corey is the Director of Sales for the rapidly growing e-learning company Docebo. Corey has many years of experience in helping clients discover software to transform their training and development. Being passionate about developing teams and the individuals that compose them made Docebo and the learning space a natural fit.

Don’t miss your chance to attend! Whether you’re a Docebo customer or an L&D professional looking to attend a great conference, this is for you.