Docebo – New Strategic E-Learning Partnerships Worldwide

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We are proud to announce new strategic partnerships to increase Docebo’s E-Learning operations at Worldwide Level: our Learning Management System, along with our Courses and Apps Marketplaces are now supported by 25 international companies.

Since its early launch in 2012, the Docebo Partner Network has attracted a huge number of candidates and created a lot of excitement and awareness around Docebo E-Learning solutions.

Docebo Partner Network

These are the latest Partners Docebo is engaged with:

  • Aligned Learning Solutions – Mindlogik LTD | New Zealand
  • Blended Training Systema-Wilson | Portugal
  • Bloom Learning Technologies | New Zealand
  • Clarity Solutions | Brazil
  • Complete Learning Solutions | New Zealand
  • EduContinu Coörporatie U.A. | Netherlands
  • Guykat Solutions | United Kingdom
  • iLearn Group | Israel
  • Instruxion | Belgium
  • Interlake | Germany
  • LearnMexico | Mexico
  • Omniplex | UK, US, China
  • Sponge | UK
  • Vestergaard & Co. | Denmark

For more information about our Partner Network please visit the Partners page. If you want to know more about our Partnership Programs, visit our application page!

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