Beyond the Buzz: Use Social Learning to Supercharge Your Training Program [LTUK Slides]

• 1 min read

Learn how to effectively implement social learning into your training program

The 2017 Learning Technologies conference was a great opportunity to learn from industry experts and start conversations about the exciting new learning ideas and insights presented by influencers in the space. One trend that stood out: the importance of blending formal and informal learning.

While not necessarily new, the idea of combining formal and and informal learning (or applying the 70:20:10 model) has evolved into a best practice that many organizations are looking to support with learning technology.

In this presentation (presented at LTUK 2017), we reveal how best-in-class companies are leveraging social learning in their training repertoire to boost performance and enhance information retention.

Whether your training is geared toward internal staff, external partners and stakeholders, or your organization’s sales team, it’s important to strategize how you can make the most of your learning management system investment by integrating leading social learning practices, all in a way that is compelling and user-friendly for your learners.

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