Learn on the Go with Docebo’s Mobile App [Video]

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77% of Americans own smartphones – it’s time to launch your mobile learning strategy

According to Pew Research, 77% of Americans own smartphones – this has increased by 35% since 2011, when Pew Research first conducted their mobile ownership survey. Similarly, research from KPCB found that 87% of millennials say their smartphone never leaves their side.

Widespread mobile adoption means that mobile learning has transcended from a buzzworthy trend to a critical best practice in the eLearning space. Learners must be able to access learning information at the point of need. As such, your learning technology must be able to support mobile learning.

How the Docebo Mobile App Works

Watch the short video below to see how learning on the go works with the Docebo mobile app!

Keeping Up with Learner Needs

New developments in technology mean that the needs of your learners will continue to evolve. It’s important that your learning technology focuses on innovation in order to support these needs.

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