How Nuxeo University Used Docebo to Develop The Heart of its Knowledge Management Strategy

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As a software company, Nuxeo needed a place to centralize its document and training activities – it turned to Docebo to make it happen.

Like any global software company, Nuxeo needed to document various aspects of its platform. Nuxeo University has become the centerpiece of our knowledge management strategy.

Proper documentation and training are critical in order to ensure:

  • Projects are executed in a way that follows our recommended best practices.
  • Our technology can be learned quickly, without needing to read the required documentation or to participate in on-site training.

Because this is such an important aspect of our business, we chose Docebo to help us develop this strategy. After evaluating and selecting Docebo, we were live in 2 months (60 days), thanks to the support of Docebo’s implementation specialists.

With Docebo now deployed, we introduced a number of new Nuxeo University use cases, such as:

Facilitating the onboarding process. This includes any integrator, prospects, or customer new to our platform. It also applies for any new hires as most people aren’t Nuxeo experts when they join the company. The idea is to be autonomous in learning and adapt the content to specific user profiles.

We structure all pedagogical content within course catalogues and learning plans. In particular, we’ve set up a Learning Plan called “Launchpad to the Nuxeo Platform,” which is a high-level overview of Nuxeo that covers every aspect of the platform in 1 hour.

To help new users understand the learning process, we’ve created a “Getting started” page to help them become familiar with our learning philosophy.

We also optimized the dashboard within our learning platform and the sections available thanks to the powerful capabilities of Docebo menus and Pages. All of the most important information is displayed as soon as users log in: the new content, the courses they’re working on, the list of courses they’re enrolled in, etc.

Enhance engagement with our learner community

In addition to encouraging the Nuxeo community to check out new university courses we’re adding regularly, we also encourage users to provide us with feedback about the university’s content so that we can continue to improve it.

We use the notification add-on to share any new content created and published. The ability to target communications to a specific set of users from a course is an important value-add, because,  for example, it allows us to warn people who fail an exam about the recommended training or to communicate updates on a particular course.


We’ve also added more external links to the user menu so that it integrates more seamlessly with our Documentation website, the University roadmap, and our feedback management platform.

Meanwhile, gamification enables us to organize learning contests, which are an innovative experience for learners to validate their knowledge in a fun and engaging way, while also providing feedback from the Nuxeo team.

The establishment of a certification program

We’ve created a certification program organized by level (associate, expert, master) and by specialty. For example:

  • The Certification Learning Plans are a great way to manage prerequisites. For example, we want to ensure users pass the ‘Fundamentals’ certification before moving on to more advanced certifications. Each learner has has three attempts to pass a certification exam, but must wait 14 days between each attempt.
  • We used the Tin Can module integration to validate our coding assessment automatically.
  • The Slack integration is really cool enables our learners to be informed instantly when the results of the certification is available.  
Here at Nuxeo, we’ve successfully implemented our knowledge management vision thanks to the Docebo learning platform’s capabilities. With Nuxeo University now hosting 400 learners every day, with more more than 80 different pedagogical resources (videos, exercises, learning plans, certifications, expert sessions…) available, Docebo has allowed us to take a big step forward in bring our e-learning vision to life.

Gregory Carlin, based in Paris, France, is the Head of Nuxeo University, where he is responsible for developing the company’s e-learning strategy, with Docebo as the engine of its learning activities. Nuxeo is a cloud-native content services platform enterprise content and digital asset management headquartered in Brooklyn, NY, USA. See how Docebo can breathe life into your enterprise learning plans