Docebo opens its U.S. office in Athens, Georgia

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Docebo strengthens its presence on North American territories thanks to the brand-new Office in Athens, Georgia. Due to a 400% NA revenues increase, this is a strategic asset to better serve this key market.

The Docebo E-Learning platform has already been selected by more than 50 North American companies (SMBs and Enterprises) and Docebo was already covering the territories by its International Partners Network. The coverage will be now dramatically improved by leveraging the new Athens office.

Click here to read the full Press Release, or find an excerpt below.


Docebo – North American revenues increase of 400%, opens in Athens (GA) to accelerate growth in the U.S & Canadian market

Athens (GA), Naples – Docebo today announced that due to its North American revenues, quadrupled in the last 6 months, a new subsidiary in Athens, Georgia has been opened to competitively serve its customers base.

As part of Docebo’s commitment towards the American market, Docebo is already investing and hiring local resources in order to increase engagement with its community of Customers and Partners.

Quote from Docebo’ CEO

“This is a unique opportunity for us to expand our business even further into the world’s largest economy” says Claudio Erba, CEO and founder of Docebo. “This brand-new office in Athens, Georgia, helps us by serving our Customers and Partners spread across North America territories even more effectively, as Docebo is now be able to physically work with a dedicated Team, bringing the E-Learning experience to the next level.”