Evaluate Your Organization’s Skills with Docebo Perform- Our New Skills and Competencies Module

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Docebo Skills and Competencies Module

Start evaluating your organization’s skills and competencies with Docebo Perform

We’re happy to provide a preview of Docebo’s next release, scheduled for the end of August 2017. The star of this release is our brand new skills and competencies module, Docebo Perform.

Docebo Perform is designed to help HR managers evaluate an employee’s proficiencies and detect skill gaps. Once skill gaps are detected, they can be filled with learning and development interventions, including learning assets that are both formal (courses, learning plans) and informal (user contributed videos, documents, checklists).

The skills and competencies module will help to provide you with answers to the following questions:

  1. What are the skill gaps in my organization?
  2. Who has developed the skills necessary to take on a new role?
  3. How do I develop skills through learning programs?

Key Features of Docebo Perform 1.0

Docebo Perform 1.0 will include the following features and capabilities:

  • An off-the-shelf skills catalog that will help to kickstart your skills evaluation project. The catalogue includes over 14,000 standard skills, a project by European Community, and spans 21 member states.
  • Create, import, and edit your skills and roles in bulk using a CSV file.
  • Assign skills to roles and map roles with those who will participate in your organization’s skills evaluation process.
  • Map courses, learning plans, and informal learning assets (e.g. videos, documents) with each skill so that they can be assigned or suggested to fill skill gaps.
  • Rating scale customization.
  • Skills evaluation configuration. Set start date and duration for planning your skills evaluation process.
  • Custom evaluations will allow you to perform specific evaluations for people in different roles, with custom configuration and rating scales.
  • Skill evaluation status monitoring that provides an at-a-glance view of the status of your skills evaluation process.
  • Skill evaluation calibration that flags misalignments between self evaluation and manager evaluation so that you can take the necessary steps to reconcile them with the involved teams.
  • Skills gap analysis (a.k.a., the results). This will provide an at-a-glance view of the detected skill gaps, as well as the skill level per your defined rating scale.
  • Skills, roles, and gaps reporting that will allow you to drill down on skill gaps.

Enroll a user with identified skill gaps to a course or learning plan that you deem necessary to fill the gaps at hand, or suggest informal learning content (such a video, a document or a playlist).

Docebo Perform Dashboard

Improve Your Learning Programs with Docebo Learn, Coach and Share

The new skills and competencies module isn’t the only new and exciting Docebo development. Here is a list of features that will improve Docebo Learn, Coach and Share:


  • Power Users: Users who manage sub-domains of Docebo (Power Users) can configure learner notifications.
  • Ecommerce: New payment gateways for ecommerce have been added: PayPal Payflow and Zuora.


  • New sorting and filtering capabilities for Channel pages (e.g. My Channel, Channel Dashboard) will be available.
  • You can now easily find the experts that are assigned to a specific channel.

Customers on an Enterprise Plan will have this release available in their staging environment during the week of August 8.

Start finding the skill gaps at your organization. Start a free trial of Docebo today!