Docebo E-Learning Webinar – Cloud, SaaS & Tin Can

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Are you interested in E-Learning? Do you want to bring your E-Learning project to the Next Level? Don’t miss our Webinar for Customers and Partners, designed to share Docebo’s knowledge about Cloud technology, Software as a Service and Tin Can:

Interested in Docebo as a Customer? Webinar #01

  • Title: The next level of E-Learning – Tin Can, Cloud, SaaS
  • Date: October 18th, 2012
  • Time: 9.00 AM PDT / 12.00 PM EDT / 6.00 PM Central European Standard Time
Docebo Webinar for Customers - Join now for free!

This webinar will show you how a cloud-based LMS may help you in:
– easily deploy a user friendly learning portal to your distributed population
– boost your time to market through easy and immediate setup
– quickly adapt your LMS deployment to fit your user base
– select your ideal plan in a clear price matrix
– reduce the overall costs of your training programmes
– integrate your LMS with other existing software components



Interested in Docebo as a Partner? Webinar #02

  • Title: Docebo: building win-win E-Learning alliances
  • Date: October 24th, 2012
  • Time: 7.00 AM PDT / 9.00 AM CDT / 10.00 AM EDT / 12.00 PM BRST / 4.00 PM CEST / 6.00 PM GST

Docebo Webinar for Partners

Attendees will learn specific aspects about Docebo:
– How the Partner Network is implemented: a Global perspective
– How we differentiate from the competition: Benchmarking
– The value that we bring to our Partners is: Key Benefits for you
– The key asset: our Docebo E-Learning Platform