5 Questions on Learning with DoceboInspire Speaker Lucille Tambellini

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DoceboInspire speaker Lucille Tambellini provides her insights on learning best practices, the future of L&D, and more!

DoceboInspire is our L&D conference taking place in Boston on September 18-19, 2017. As the event quickly approaches, we’ve added some amazing individuals to our growing speaker lineup.

One of these awesome speakers is Lucille Tambellini, Product Manager at SEI Learning. Lucille will be speaking on our analyst track. We recently asked Lucille a number of questions about how her unique background has informed her L&D knowledge and her thoughts on the future of eLearning.

Here’s what she had to say:

How did you enter the field of L&D and why is it important to you today?

I actually started out designing software products for transaction processing in the financial services industry and loved it.  My enthusiasm for the field spilled over into teaching adult business students at a local university.  When the university initiated its first distance education program, I was delighted to design and experiment in that new space.

What I loved about designing productivity software, and what I love about this field, is that it has at its heart a noble aspiration to help people work better – enabling people to become more productive, more creative, and more satisfied in their work.

You have a unique combination of experience in educational technology and product development. How has this shaped your understanding of corporate learning best practices?

Very practically. The discipline I learned working in software product development strongly influences my approach to training/educational product development and lifecycle management.  Structured analysis and design methodologies were deeply rooted in software development long before the field of instructional design, as we know it today.  Now we’re using Agile methodologies for instructional design, years after adoption by the software industry.

I approach each training project as a product that must satisfy a need, at the time of need, with quality and reliability – always with the person, the consumer of that product, in mind.

In your opinion, what is the most important L&D trend on the rise?

Something that is becoming increasingly important to me is that trends are just that – trendy – and to use them cautiously.  Often very deep learning is accomplished through very simple means.

However, to answer the question – there are so many! The expansion of xAPI in the industry is really exciting. The fact that we learn from many different sources, forms, and formats is common knowledge, but being able to seamlessly recognize it is powerful.

What excites you most about the future of learning technology?

I have a plaque in my office with a quote from Michelangelo, “I am still learning.” New learning technologies have the potential to expand the possibilities and opportunities for people. That alone is exciting!

I’m excited to see which new technologies will prove to be efficacious and how they will be creatively employed for the purpose of achieving educational goals.

Why are you excited to attend DoceboInspire?

I’m eager to meet other learning professionals who have intentionally selected Docebo as their learning management system (LMS) provider – we have an important common factor in our work!  I think it’s important to meet and converse about our shared experiences, our challenges, and even our combined vision for the future.

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