Docebo’s latest integrations & features are now live!

• 3 min read

A few days ago we offered a preview at some upcoming (and pretty cool!) Docebo learning management system (LMS) features. As these features are now live, it’s time to take a deeper look at them and see how you can leverage them to push your elearning experience further!

Catch-up courses

This is one of the most important features because we all know how classroom/ILT training goes.. users sometimes fail or they skip a classroom session for whatever reason and then get behind on their training and courses. With the catch-up courses feature you can associate a “plan B” course to the main one – that means the users who fail or skip the main course will be able to complete a catch-up (or plan B) one, and continue with their learning plan uninterrupted.

Docebo lms catch-up sessions


At Docebo we are always working to simplify the learning process. This brand-new courseplayer is designed to push this concept further. When your users enter a course, the learning object starts automatically so they don’t have to do anything but focus on the learning! Also, this feature means learners are seamlessly navigated through the course from start to finish – easier for you, easier for your learners.

E-commerce improvements

If you are handling e-commerce activities within your Docebo elearning platform, you’ll be happy to know we added some new e-commerce transaction reports. Due to this new improvement you can now export reports via APIs, plus create specific reports to better analyze the trends of your e-commerce business.

Also, in order to improve the marketability of your e-commerce project, Docebo now offers Adyen integration. Adyen is a fast growing payment gateway, it accept payments worldwide from all sales channels and now you can use it to accept payments via your Docebo elearning platform and watch your e-commerce project grow!

Multi ADFS, AICC and Go2Training

Last but not least, we have fine-tuned your favourite LMS which is now even more integrated, compatible and accessible than ever before. Take a look:

  • Multi ADFS: when the multi-domain app is active in your Docebo LMS the multi ADFS feature allows you to use different ADFS to let multiple customers access the same elearning platform.
  • AICC: the AICC standard is commonly used by course providers and companies that run training. If you are one of those companies you can now seamlessly use AICC courses in your Docebo elearning platform!
  • Go2Training: this new integration is designed to let you schedule a Go2Training session within your LMS. So this now means the integration between Docebo and all of Citrix’s “Go2” services are fully operative!

You can try out these brand-new features by activating a Docebo elearning platform free trial: click here to get started!