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We have just published a whitepaper in conjunction with Aberdeen Group entitled “The new 70:20:10 – the changing face of learning”. The paper shows organizations want a learning solution that captures learning that may already be taking place informally — on the job, through coaching and mentoring, and through social connections and knowledge sharing. The report also highlights the pivotal role that technology has played in this growing shift toward informal settings, the use of user-generated content, and its importance in capturing and sharing valuable institutional knowledge.
The new study by the Aberdeen Group – included in the joint whitepaper – revealed that business leaders/HR executives are dissatisfied with traditional and formal learning solutions and that they would prefer an option to include learning technology that focuses on the informal settings. The research by Aberdeen shows:
Socialization: Tacit-to-Tacit
  • 24% of organizations are appealing to diverse learning styles by planning to adopt new learning delivery modalities – such as online and/or mobile
  • In the next 12 to 24 months, organizations that plan to increase learning spend by 87%
  • “Best-in-class” organizations are 78% more likely than others to utilize user-generated content for learning
  • “Best-in-class” organizations are 5 x more likely than others to utilize a social LMS
Learning has become about more than just training and acquiring a specific set of new skills or competencies. It has shifted to also include development of the employee as a highly effective long term contributor to the success of the organization.
The second section of the paper takes a close look at how organizations can implement a technology solution that addresses the 70:20:10 learning model, and offers four ways to ensure the success of informal and social learning initiatives. It discusses the issues of how to know if social and informal learning programs are gaining traction within the organization, identifying who is contributing most to creating new learning assets and whether the organization’s top experts are being engaged.