How to create an E-Learning Course with Docebo

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The creation of a course is core-activity of any E-Learning project. This is why Docebo comes with a specific feature that supports users while creating new E-Learning courses for their Learning Management System.

Thanks to Docebo, you’ll be able to create a new course without using the Administration interface. Here you can find out how, in few simple steps.

1 – Switch to semplified view

In order to access the “set-up a new course” function, you have to switch to the simplified view: click settings → switch to semplified view or click the menu entry as shown below:

Switch to semplified view

2 – Let’s create your E-Learning course!

Now you can begin the course creation by selecting Start.

Let's create your E-Learning course

3 – Choose Title and Image

Title and image have to be engaging and explicative. Try to make your course as much attractive as possible!

Choose Title and Image

4 – Upload training materials

Inside the “Training resources” area, click Upload your training material. Please keep in mind that Learning Objects should be simple, interactive and not too long. This is how students will be able to learn in a more simple and immediate way.

Upload training materials

Select the kind of file you are going to upload:

  • a SCORM package;
  • a file that students will be able to download;
  • a Tin Can object
  • a video;
  • a test (to be created with Docebo);
Upload your training materials including Tin Can

When the upload is complete, click Close. You should double-check the materials order to be sure that everything works fine.

5 – Publish your course

You are now ready to publish your course: just click Publish!

Publish your course

The course is now listed in My Courses Area.

Your online Courses area


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