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Is your company switching from an onsite productivity tool to a new generation of cloud-based Google Apps? Learn how Docebo’s free training pills for Google Apps can enable a more responsive way of working that focuses on what really matters for your business.

When you’re adopting a new productivity tool, innovative training is fundamental to understand the tool’s benefits, it’s functionality, and how your company can effectively make the most out of the new tool. Thanks to Docebo’s Google App tutorials, your team will discover how to connect and get work accomplished, collaboratively, from any location, at anytime, and from any device.

Docebo & Google Apps

Docebo has developed a library of free online training courses, designed to make training simple, maximizing the power of the Google Apps suite. Docebo provides a complete set of tutorials, able to introduce any newcomer to the most useful features of Google Apps.

Google Apps free courses and tutorials:

  • Google Apps: Introduction to the tools
  • Google Documents: An easy tool to create text file
  • Google Spreadsheet: To create intuitive spreadsheets
  • Gmail and Calendar: Your complete and flexible mailbox
  • Google Presentation: A rapid tool to create and share effective presentations
  • Google Drive: How to organize and share your documents everywhere

How can you get these free tutorials?

  1. Start your Docebo SaaS LMS free trial
  2. Access the Marketplace and get these courses for free
  3. Empower your team’s development skills!

Google Apps has a comprehensive suite of tools, and powerful real-time sharing and collaboration feature that can be easily integrated with Docebo’s E-Learning Platform (via the Single Sign On feature, as well as the users-database synchronization) and it is the perfect environment that fits any kind of business need.