Anticipate eLearning Trends to Stay Competitive in L&D: Free Report

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Stay Ahead of the L&D Curve With This Free Report on the Future of Global eLearning

When we look at eLearning trends globally, it’s clear that the entire landscape continues to shift and evolve. Between inflating budgets for eLearning programs, a ballooning role of eLearning in countries where it didn’t really exist before, new technologies and tools that support eLearning, and the increasing adoption of blended learning as a top learning and development (L&D) priority, it’s a challenging and complicated market to assess.

That’s why we’ve pulled together eLearning Market Trends and Forecast 2017-2021, a comprehensive report that looks at the current and future state of eLearning globally. We’ve drawn research from a variety of recent primary and secondary sources, including leading L&D analysts, to develop insights on what is happening up front and behind the scenes in a market dealing with many moving parts, disruptive technologies, and shifting priorities – not to mention ballooning growth, which is projected to continue to swell.

The essentials of eLearning Trends

Some of the key topics readers can look forward to in the pages ahead include:

  • A look at the overall size of the eLearning market globally, including budget allocations for eLearning purposes and the drivers of growth and development in the L&D industry.
  • Trends in eLearning such as social learning, mobile learning, microlearning, corporate MOOCs, and more.
  • Possible game-changers and disruptive technologies in eLearning, including game-based learning, Gamification, and wearables.
  • Insights into the adoption and continued use of eLearning in geographical markets around the world, including considerations of what might be driving change and growth in these markets.

This comprehensive report is designed to be a resource for L&D professionals assess the global landscape of eLearning across the next five years and make informed decisions that will enable them to take their learning strategies and programs to the next level and drive more success in L&D performance overall. Download it today for a rundown of the current state of the market and look forward to what is coming.

Download the essential FREE eLearning Trends report today to take your Learning and Development strategy to the next level.