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Join Brandon Hall Group and Docebo April 24 as we examine L&D’s impact on employee retention engagement.

Your employees want – and deserve – to be engaged. They want to learn and contribute knowledge, to lean on subject matter experts within the organization for top-notch advice, and to get recognized for their efforts.

More than ever before, workers are embracing organizations in which a culture committed to learning and development is directly related to performance. In fact, many consider a lack of professional development opportunities as a top reason to leave their jobs, which can be extremely costly for businesses as it relates to recruitment, onboarding and training costs. Among the best ways to reduce employee turnover issues is to ensure they’re engaged with the jobs – but that engagement must be directly connected to the employee’s performance.

Research from the Brandon Hall Group suggests organizations that link employee engagement with performance see far greater improvements in key performance metrics than those that focus solely on prioritizing engagement. Indeed, employees rate a lack of challenging work as a top reason for moving on from an organization.


The answer is simple, really. Employees want tasks that push the limits of their abilities, that challenge their knowledge and those that help them accrue new knowledge in the process. Engaged employees are those that take a keen interest in an organization’s activities – those challenged with their jobs are more likely to be engaged, and are therefore most likely to meet or exceed organizational performance standards.

Organizations must therefore embrace and encourage a culture in which learning is directly connected to employee engagement and performance. Companies that proactively provide their employees with the tools they need to expand their skills and help them take on new challenges at work are more likely to improve engagement. They’re able to give their employees more challenging work, and thus drive the performance of the business.

Those that don’t – well, they will continue to suffer from lacking engagement and costly retention issues, while losing valuable man hours to unfilled positions.

Join David Wentworth, Principal Analyst with Brandon Hall Group, and John Coffee, Talent and Retention Specialist at Docebo, April 24 as they examine learning and development’s impact on employee retention and explore strategies for keeping employees more engaged.

The webinar will discuss:

  • The connection between learning and retention
  • How to keep learners connected and engaged
  • The strategies deployed by companies with high employee retention
Is Your Organization Struggling to Retain Top Performers?