Engage Learners with Training Webinars Via Adobe Connect and Docebo

• 2 min read

Adobe Connect and Docebo enable training success through synchronized learning

In today’s product post we’re going to look at another important area of online training: webinars. Many companies use this important and synchronous learning method, but without the proper tool the process can become very clumsy, complicated, and ineffective.

Docebo LMS allows you to simplify the process, making it easy for everyone, including administrators, trainers, and learners. Activating the app and settings parameters just once makes it extremely easy to add webinars to a training program. Just specify that you want to use Adobe Connect, and the Docebo LMS will do everything rest for you.

To make it easier, in the video below you’ll see a quick overview of the setup process:

Now, when you are ready to create a webinar-based course, you can find detailed step-by-step instructions here. In the meantime, here is a brief description of the process:

  1. Create a Webinar Course as well as any required sessions.
  2. Enrich the experience of your learners by adding materials, such as Video, Files, Assignments and others, and create a Survey and Test.
  3. Enroll users or let them choose the session by setting permission with or without administrator approval.
  4. The Docebo LMS will track all users who decide to attend the webinar.
  5. Once the webinar is finished, you will be able to upload the video with one click (no, you won’t have to download the video, convert it, and upload to the LMS).

Read more detailed overview of the entire process here.

If providing users with immersive experience had never been easy, why not integrate it your LMS with Adobe Connect right now?

If you don’t have Adobe Connect, but have use any of the following video conferencing subscriptions you can still get the same benefits: GoToMeeting, Big Blue Button, BlueJeans, Webex, Onsync, Teleskill, or Sky Meeting.

If you don’t have Docebo LMS subscription, start your full-functional free 14-days trial right now and see yourself how easy and powerful it is!