Connect Google Apps To Docebo and Get Users To Their LMS Faster

• 2 min read

Google Apps & Docebo single sign-on link gets users to learning programs easier and faster

As you deploy a learning management system (LMS), one of the most urgent and important tasks involves creating user profiles, and enabling users to connect effortlessly to the LMS. We’ve tried to make that process as easy as possible by enabling users to connect Google Apps (now known as G Suite) account directly to Docebo.

As you set up your system and continue to use it on an ongoing basis, you’ll need to create user profiles within the system to ensure users will be able to easily login to access that system, at any point. Of course, you’ll want to minimize all of the manual activity involved in creating user accounts and and also make it as easy as possible for users to sign into their accounts – not to mention remember their credentials.

This is all friction we can greatly minimize through providing a single sign-on (SSO) user authentication services that essentially permit users to use one set of login credentials (name and password) to access Docebo applications. This is particularly good news for companies with learners that already us Google Apps – it means Google Apps accounts can be linked to the Docebo system to let users log into the system effortlessly, and without remembering yet another username and password.

Check out the video below to learn more about how it all works:

As you can see, the integration makes it effortless to import user information and enter it into the LMS through users’ existing accounts you will be able to automatically import users, and let them enter your LMS with their existing Google Apps company account. It doesn’t get more convenient and easier than that for both you and your users.

Using Google Apps connected to your Docebo Learning Management System requires only a single sign-on. Try Docebo Free Today to see how it works.