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A LMS (Learning Management System) is usually intended as a training tool, designed to efficiently manage various kinds of learning activities.  The Docebo E-Learning platform has strong features about training management, but gives you also the chance to sell Online Courses to your students or learners.

This brief tutorial is intended to show you how to sell online courses in a Docebo environment.

1 – Access the Admin Area

First of all, check if you’re already using the Advanced Version: otherwise you will not be able to access the Admin Area. In order to switch, click the following icon.

Switch to advanced version

2 – Create a Course

Now it’s time to create your course. From the “My LMS”  menu, click “Courses“.

Create your course

Choose Create your course 02and fill in the form with all the required information.

Selling options

In the “Subscription Status” area, you’ll find some important options.

In order to sell a course, flag the “Sell Course” box, than fix a price (and eventually an upfront payment percentage).

Setting the price

In order to maximize your sale, you may consider to set a “free” subscription policy, and also set the subscriptions on “open“.

Enrollment policies


3 – Add the course to a catalogue

In order to make the new course visible in the Course Area, you have to add it in a course catalogue.

First, let’s create a catalogue: select “Catalogues” by the “My LMS” menu.

Create a course catalogue

Click Create a course catalogue 02 fill in the form (name, description) and click “Save Changes“.

Insert name and description

Add now the course to the catalogue by selecting theicon from the menu on the right.

Finally, use the  icon to subscribe users and allow them to see the catalogue.


4 – Enable the Course Catalogue

In order to let users see the course catalogue, enable it in the Admin Area.

Select “Settings“, then “My courses layout“.

Enabling the course catalogue

Flag the  icon next to the course catalogue (it will become green).

5 – Verify results and start Selling

Go back to the Courses Area in order to check that everything is working properly.

The “Catalogue” entry will appear in the menu.

catalogues menu

By selecting the Course Catalogue entry, users will be able to see and buy the available online courses.

Available online courses

By clicking on a course, you can find more info like price and content summary.

Click “Buy Now” in order to buy the course, and “Confirm” when requested.


buy the courseAdd to cart

Users are now able to Check-out, pay the course and start using it.