LMS Buy-In: How to Manage IT Objections

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Win over IT leadership when building your business case for a new LMS

Understanding the many benefits that a learning management system (LMS) can bring to your organization is easy. Presenting them to your executive team to gain executive buy-in? That’s a little more difficult – in order to successfully make your case, you’ll have to appeal to the specific priorities of each key decision-maker. One of the decision-makers on that list is going to be IT leadership.

Successfully Managing IT Objections

Winning buy-in from IT leadership (e.g., your CTO, Director of IT, etc.) can be especially challenging for L&D professionals who have a different set of KPIs and don’t regularly engage in techspeak. IT’s concerns lie with the technical infrastructure of the solution, including system maintenance, integrations, security, etc.

In general, SaaS applications are favorable for IT because they provide a way to offload the management of the software used by other departments, such as HRIS and CRM platforms. SaaS solutions are also almost always more cost-effective than solutions that are built in-house.

LMS Buy-In

Build a Better Business Case with the LMS Project Toolkit

There are a number of benefits that an LMS SaaS solution can provide to IT, but it’s important to communicate them effectively to IT leadership in order to successfully gain buy-in.

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