Identifying the LMS Metrics You Should Be Tracking (But Aren’t)

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Fewer than 25% of companies capture anything beyond very basic learning metrics

It’s easier than ever to capture learning data – and lots of it. However, how many of the learning management system (LMS) metrics you’re capturing actually provide valuable insights?

According to Brandon Hall Group, fewer than 25% of companies capture anything beyond very basic metrics, and only about 20% of companies are able to analyze a majority of their data in a meaningful way. One of the reasons for this is that L&D professionals are grinding their wheels trying to make data-driven decisions based on vanity metrics.

Vanity Metrics vs. Actionable Metrics

Vanity metrics are numbers that are essentially futile when it comes to determining areas of improvement or reaching positive business outcomes.

The opposite of vanity metrics – and what you should strive to derive from your LMS – are what are known as actionable metrics. Actionable metrics are numbers that will provide you with valuable insights that can inform your learning strategy. Finding and tracking actionable metrics will allow for less time to be spent on unproductive and ineffective activities, and more time to be spent administering the activities that drive engagement and business results.

Identifying (and Avoiding) Vanity Metrics

Of course, every business model is different, and the metrics that will provide useful insights to your organization may differ from those that will provide value to other organizations. However, there are some common LMS metrics that may prove to be irrelevant to the learning needs of most companies.

For instance, in Learning Measurement 2016: Little Linkage to Performance, Brandon Hall Group draws the following observation:

“Course completion is the number one metric being used, and by a wide margin. This is clearly the easiest metric to gather, but it doesn’t really tell an organization much. If 98% of learners complete a course, you still have no idea if was effective, if they liked it, if they will remember it, or if it will help the business. The more strategic measurements are much further down the list, like team effectiveness or time to effectiveness.”

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