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How do you measure and maximize the real impact of your Learning & Development strategy?

Questions about measuring the impact of learning and development are not new. But now there is a new challenge, to optimize and maximize the impact learning has on business. In this whitepaper by Fosway Group, you can learn how to maximize the business impact of your learning and development strategy.

Why measure the business impact of your L&D strategy

The standard response to this discussion has been the Kirkpatrick’s model for evaluating the effectiveness of training. But business leaders care about business outcomes and metrics, not learning outcomes and metrics. Even discussions on return on investment (ROI) doesn’t really concern business leaders, as they see ROI as artificial unless it aligns with tangible business metrics. In fact, the biggest issue with ROI is attribution: who can prove that the resulting change came from the learning and not from some other factor?

If learning and ROI evaluation was tricky when it was all about classroom-based instructor-led session, this is even more complicated now. Because learning is not an “event” anymore. It is an “experience” – a blend of processes, opportunities and engagement across many channels and components. This is illustrated by the Fosway Learning Ecosystem model below:

What should you do in order to measure the impact?

The easy answer is: you should stop the habit of delivery and develop a habit of measuring impact. L&D has tended to measure its success in terms of activity. We need to change this and instead develop a habit of impact. What can really deliver a positive result, both for the learner and the business?

Whatever methodology you use, make sure impact is at the core of it. Move away from measurement at the end, and focus more on understanding the impact or value you’re ultimately aiming for. Then build it explicitly into the design and execution of what you do.

Get ready to make a real impact

All of the above is extensively discussed in the latest Fosway Group’s white paper “Maximizing the Business Impact of Learning”. Download this free report now, sponsored by Docebo, in order to learn more about the methodologies you can use in order to make a real Impact and start measuring the actual outcome of your L&D strategy.

Download the report and learn how to maximize the business impact of learning.