Mobile learning: right here, right now

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Mobile Learning Report DoceboWe are happy to announce that we have just published a comprehensive industry report on the current market – and market trends – in mobile learning (m-learning). Called ‘Learning on the Go – tips and trends in m-learning’, the report contains contributions from specialist instructional designers, e-learning experts and HR professionals from around the world.



The following is an excerpt from the just released – and free to download – m-learning report “Learning on the Go – tips and trends in m-learning

Mobile learning: right here, right now

M-learning is something that is happening right now, all over the world, in all industries and in all sized enterprises. The main driver for this revolution is basic consumer behavior – there’s at least one smartphone in each hand.

“In contrast to the previous technology revolution of the PC and later the laptop, this chain of events is happening first at home and then flowing into the workplace.”

Gary Woodill, Senior Analyst, Float Mobile Learning

This adoption of mobile learning happened faster than expected. In fact:

“Those with several years’ experience in using technology-enabled learning report higher levels of mobile usage, but we also see a spike in usage in those that are new to using learning technologies, implying that some are adopting mobile solutions as part of their first steps with learning technologies.”

Towards Maturity- Mobile learning in the workplace

But what is m-learning? Even if there much disagreement on the definition of m-learning, most will agree that it’s more than simply learning on a mobile device. We are already used to seeing people moving around with their laptops and taking lessons or training sessions whenever and wherever they can. We could say that we are already over this first generation of ubiquitous learning.

Mobile learning is learning on-the go and learning at the point of need, but it is also a way of consuming content, a social experience and an informal way to learn. The vast majority of mobile apps represent on-demand content, performance support or education.

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When talking about m-learning we must take into consideration m-learning as a training methodology, a social trend and a business game changer. We must also take into account that:

  • M-learning transforms traditional training, supports performance at the point of need and, is informal – and social – by nature.
  • The use of m-learning in the non-institutional learning context appears to be the most successful strategy to adopt for now.

“Drawing from the literature on both mobile learning and informal learning, Jones et al. (2006) proposed six reasons why mobile informal learning might be motivating: control (over learners’ goals), ownership, learning-in-context, continuity between contexts, fun and communication.”

A.Jones and K.Issroff, Motivation and Mobile Device

Finally, we have to consider m-learning as an evolutionary trend.  It not only grows in numbers but changes its face each time there is a new technological opportunity or new business model. Let’s think about m-learning in two years from now. We can imagine that, besides smartphones and tablets, we will also have smart wearable devices such as smart watches and smart glasses.

“These devices are coming and they will change the ways we look at mobile learning.”

David Kelly, Training, Learning, and Performance Consultant

To read more, download the full m-learning report!