New Value creation with Four L&D Business Models [REPORT]

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Get a seat at the L&D table today and stop simply being an item on the menu

Recently, it’s been clear that L&D is not working well for many organizations. That’s not to say it is not a worthwhile endeavour. It’s just that, well, maybe prevailing approaches aren’t really working.

At least that’s the assessment of Jos Arets, co-founder of the 70:20:10 Institute, the authority on all things related to this essential model of social, informal learning. He’s laid out a whole new model in a recent white paper – exclusively presented and distributed by Docebo – called “New Value creation With Four Business Models”.

In the paper, Arets cites a report that suggests that, looking at the current state of L&D and its view of its responsibilities, “‘saying the responsibility for learning doesn’t belong to L&D feels like saying medicine doesn’t belong with doctors or hi-tech doesn’t belong in Silicon Valley.”

Adapting L&D to the ‘speed of business’

He also refers to a recent Deloitte study titled ‘Adapt Workplace Learning to the Speed of Business’, which presents an alarm signal for L&D: That is to say that 74% of organizations surveyed focus primarily on traditional learning methods that can fall short of empowering employees to acquire skills to keep pace with change and improve the work itself.

“Over the past decades, L&D has been busy trying to demonstrate the value of learning,” Arets explains in the report. “However, this is no longer seen as being sufficient nor relevant. Learning in organizations is intended to improve performance measurably. Simply measuring the process without measuring the results will not provide insight into realized value. This is one reason the interest to demonstrate business impact is so high in L&D.”

All of this underlines a need to demonstrating actual impact of L&D programs, but how this attempt is over before it begins if L&D fails to realign its service from a focus on the learning paradigm to a focus on the business paradigm.

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