On-Demand Learning Isn’t Just a Buzzword, it’s a Necessity

• 2 min read

Just-in-Time Learning is key to empowering your learners with the access to easily-digestible and effective content anytime, anywhere.

Companies around the world spend a lot of money every year on training, but much of their efforts are going to waste because their learners no longer connect with traditional learning modalities, which are compounding issues related to knowledge retention and a lack of time to complete training.

In fact, the average employees receives 60 hours of training annually, yet 70% of what they learn is lost within 24 hours – 90% within a week.

There’s a number of reasons this is happening, particularly the fact that humans are processing greater volumes of information than ever before, creating scenarios in which attention spans are also shorter than ever, having declined from 12 to about 8 seconds.

Fortunately, a new trend is developing in the world of corporate training – one that’s designed to empower learners with the knowledge they need when they absolutely need it, on whatever device they so choose.

Just-in-time learning is growing in popularity because of its flexibility and ability to connect with the needs and demands of today’s modern, highly-mobile tech-savvy workforce. It is a key component of the modern workplace learning experiences they seek, and when enabled by a next-gen learning platform, gives learners a way to access easily-digestible, actionable and effective learning anytime, anywhere.

Join Docebo’s James Breen, Sales Manager, August 22, as he dives into this exciting new world of on-demand learning with actionable insights to elevate your training activities, including:

  • How to deliver just-in-time knowledge
  • Why bite-sized learning is key to knowledge retention
  • How to give learners a way to access easily-digestible, actionable and effective learning anytime, anywhere

Learn how to work just-in-time learning into your L&D mix!