Why so many companies want to replace their online training platform

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New Brandon Hall Group data finds businesses are dissatisfied with learning environments

The Brandon Hall Group has been researching learning technologies for years and, in a new study, the analyst firm found businesses are searching for replacement Online training platforms (LMS) due to low satisfaction rates among themselves and their users.

Nearly 88% of businesses state the change is needed to improve user experience (UX), and the second most common reason is an improved administrative experience, 74%. Also, 66% of companies surveyed stated they are searching for an LMS with other features such as: enhanced reporting, integration of systems and mobile capabilities.

On a four point scale, the highest average satisfaction rating for any type of technology – formal, informal or experiential is 2.83, while the lowest is 1.90. One-third of companies are not satisfied with the formal aspect of their learning content management system (LCMS) technology functions.

Social and mobile features have been increasing in importance for years, and the new Brandon Hall Group study found 46% of companies consider discussion forums essential to their learning platforms. This is a significant problem when only 5% say they are very satisfied with the discussion functionality of their current platform.In their study, the Brandon Hall Group found the importance of UX because a bad UX leads to poor engagement and this can be difficult to turn around. How important is UX? 43% of companies say that an intuitive, user-centric interface is essential when buying new learning technology, and 40% say it is critical to their business.

Breaking down satisfaction rating on a 100 point scale for formal, informal and experiential learning, the Brandon Hall Group found the highest average user satisfaction rating in formal learning technologies at 71 points for elearning course management. In the same category, users rated in-person classroom scheduling at 69 points and virtual classroom management at 63 points.

The highest satisfaction rating users gave their informal learning was 58 points for companies’ collaboration platform. Coming in at a close second, users gave 57 points to both video channel and media sharing.

The final learning technology user category the Brandon Hall Group surveyed was experiential. Users gave 57 points to electronic job aids, 52 points to tracking of job assignments, and 51 points to their Electronic Performance Support System (EPSS).

Due to these low satisfaction ratings among themselves and their users, the Brandon Hall Group found companies are searching for replacement LMS. Last year, 38% of companies said they were looking for replacement LMS, and this year that number increased to 44%.

Download the infographic for more information about Brandon Hall Group’s latest research regarding the low satisfaction rating among companies with their current Online Training Platforms and the drive to replace their online training platforms in 2016.