How to Build Real-Time L&D Strategies

• 2 min read

How do you get the right training to people, at the right time, in the right way?

Everything in business is shifting to real-time performance – and Learning and Development is no exception.

Real-time business intelligence allows you to tap into real-time data that helps you make informed decisions, so why not apply this approach to how you engage and enhance your most valuable asset – your people?

Ninety-four per cent of employees say they would prefer that managers address performance issues and development opportunities in real-time.  In other words, the days of the annual performance review are numbered.

Real-time performance management allows employers to assess employee value relative to their individual goals and contributions to management objectives.

As artificial intelligence (AI) moves to the forefront of analytics, there are several new functional areas in L&D that hold value for real-time performance metrics to get the right training to the right people, at the right time, and in the right way — solving performance gaps and keeping the workforce moving forward.

Join Zachary Chertok, Analyst at Aberdeen, and Matt Powell, Content Marketing Manager at Docebo, on November 15 at 1PM EST to uncover the many ways AI can help you develop long-term Learning and Development strategies in a fast-paced world. Learn the L&D strategies to keep your workforce moving forward, in real time.