Entrepreneur Robin Chase Joins DoceboInspire as Keynote Speaker

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Leading author on the new collaborative economy to share insights with attendees at DoceboInspire

So what do you know about an entrepreneur who’s able to turn a peer-to-peer, car-sharing startup into a half-a-billion-dollar buyout? Well, you can probably reckon that she’s good at understanding people, business, commerce, and, indeed, how people learn and improve.

Robin Chase is such an individual. Back in 2000, Chase co-founded Zipcar, which many of you may know as one of the biggest car-sharing services in the world. To say the business took off is an understatement. It blew up in a huge way and a scant nine years later she was named one of Time’s 100 Most Influential People. Four years after that, Avis bought Zipcar for $500 million. But for Chase, that was just the beginning of an incredible career in entrepreneurship and leadership.

And that’s why we are very proud to include her among the featured keynote speakers at DoceboInspire, our first annual conference for learning and development professionals who love to learn and lead by example.

On the intersection of learning and the collaborative economy

So where do entrepreneurship and learning and development meet? Well, it’s simple. Consider that back in 2015 Chase authored a book called Peers Inc: How People and Platforms are Inventing the Collaborative Economy and Reinventing Capitalism. Not only did it outline how technology is transforming the future of business, but also how the peer-to-peer framework is revolutionizing technology itself, business, commerce, and social relationships.

In the book, Chase writes about the massive economic transition we are experiencing currently, and how the archaic model of an industrial economy is transforming into the new “collaborative economy”.

Sound familiar?

Well, anyone attuned to the shape of the learning landscape today knows that we have taken great strides in recent years in terms of moving away from the old model of top-down, instructor-driven training, and towards a model of collaborative, social, shared learning that leverages everyone’s expertise and experience in order to build a learning format that improves the knowledge sharing and absorption of all parties involved.

In the book, Chase notes that, in the US today, 30 percent of the workforce works as freelancers, and that that stat will likely jump to 70 per cent in the foreseeable future. So what is great about having Chase’s presence at the conference is the fact attendees will be able to gain a better understanding of the emerging workforce, including its needs, goals, ambitions, and desires.

And if you haven’t yet, register for DoceboInspire 2017. You won’t want to miss the event, or the opportunity to hear how Chase can speak directly to your roles in L&D as they relate to you today. She’ll be covering this in depth during her September 19 talk, “People-Powered Innovation”.

Register for DoceboInspire today and reserve your seat at the most anticipated conference this year.