Take Your Sales Training Online and Increase Sales Performance

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Sales Enablement is key to any business to generate revenue. Find out more.

All corporate businesses have the same goal- to generate revenue. An organization’s revenue goals are met as a team but the front-runners to accomplish this goal is the sales team. Therefore, training the sales team and ensuring they are informed is imperative.

What is Sales training?

Sales Training is a process that ensures every customer-facing person has the necessary knowledge, materials, skills, processes, and behaviors essential to close deals.

Why is Sales Training Important

  1. Communication- Reinforce the basics of selling: Communication is one of the most basic skills that companies should reinforce to maintain a consistent voice. Every salesperson must be able to speak the same language while representing the company.  
  2. Product Knowledge: To provide information to the sales teams about the company’s product, updating them with developments is very important to tailor sales pitch to every prospect. Once the sales team is fully aware of the company’s product, they can listen to the needs of the prospect and customize solutions to meet those needs. This is very important for closing deals.
  3. Competition: Sales teams must have a thorough knowledge of competition to position themselves better while talking to prospects. If the sales teams are not updated with competitor products’ advantages and disadvantages, they won’t be able to succeed in their roles.
  4. Reporting- Every sales member should report their daily tasks to help them keep track of their pipeline, pending and achieved targets.

How Sales Teams were Trained

Formal training in form of one-on-one training or classroom training is the oldest method of the training in corporates. Teams gather with subject-matter-experts who share their experiences with teams. Companies also organize sales kick-off meetings where they spend billions of dollars to train their employees and discuss revenue goals for the upcoming year. But, are these sales kick-off meetings really effective? Although companies need to incorporate formal training in their learning strategy,  these methods of training become ineffective as individuals do not retain the knowledge gathered at these training programs. According to ES Research, between 85% and 90% of sales training has no lasting impact after 120 days. The main reason for this was because acquired training is not reiterated to them repeatedly.

Gap in Sales Training

Sales enablement, which is “getting the right information into the hands of the right sellers at the right time and place, and in the right format” according to IDC, is a common problem across organizations. As competition increases and revenue targets continue to become more aggressive, sales teams are becoming more demanding. They no longer are interested in boring content that is not tailored to their roles. Providing relevant information which is accessible from anywhere, knowledge sharing with peers, that can help sales achieve their goals is becoming a need for organizations. Adopting the 70:20:10 model can provide learners with the opportunity to gather knowledge from formal, social and experiential learning techniques.

How eLearning Technology can boost Sales Performance

With evolving business needs, companies are trying to deliver training that will empower their teams to achieve business goals with the help of online learning technologies. According to Technavio, the compound annual growth rate of the eLearning industry between 2017 and 2021 raised to 18.54% from 11% in 2016. The reason for this growth is learning management systems (LMS) allow companies to reach their sales teams collectively to provide critical information on-the-go. As sales teams get busier in their day to day jobs, companies can leverage robust features of these learning platforms including gamification, microlearning, social learning, videos to provide learning material on mobile devices anytime, anywhere. Technologies like Docebo LMS support these features so organizations to provide effective training.

With the help of the right technology and the right content, companies can facilitate a customized learning experience that helps boost sales performance.To learn how your organization can enable sales teams and increase sales performance, download our eBook in association with the Brandon Hall Group: How Learning Can Drive Sales Performance.