The UX-files: the course player in Docebo Learning Platform

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The design principles behind the course player in Docebo

Building on the themes of the previous two installments of the UX-files, Andrea Biraghi turns our attention to one of the most pivotal features of the learning platform: the course player. To Andrea this is the “real heart of Docebo.”

Once learners have navigated the catalog and then chosen a course, they move to the player. Here is where they actually learn something. This is the portal in which information is shared between the learning professional and the user. Andrea explains that the importance of this element is not lost on the Docebo design team, and takes us through some of the excruciating thought and planning that has gone into the functionality of the player.

Focused on the learner

Building on this series’ overarching theme of putting the user first in design, Andrea focusses us back on the learner. He makes the distinction between what a learning professional sees and what the user sees. Yes, the instructor understands that there are different types of learning. However, to the learner, this distinction is not important. In fact it is distracting.

“The only thing they need is an environment where they can go through all their different kinds of activities.” The role of the course player is to cover different kinds of learning and provide visual consistency throughout the learning journey. The player reflects how the user learns.

Unique learners; adaptive platform

Another area of priority for the design team is in understanding how people learn. Because of this, the player is built in an adaptive way, to allow for different learning styles. The learner is given space to learn in the way that best suits their own style. Whether that be in focussing on their overall progression of a course, or immersing themselves in fullscreen learning. The player adapts to them.

As Docebo’s Head of Design in Milan Italy, Andrea leads a team who fashion the look, feel and functionality of the platform from the ground up. A true tech creative, he has a wide ranging set of skills spanning a stirling career within the industry. Outside of work, Andrea focuses his attention to detail on cooking, fine cuisine, wines and travel.

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