7 Valuable Resources to Kick-Start Your 2019 Learning Strategy

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The most useful resources from the past year are here.

How will you elevate your learning strategy in 2019?

Base your decisions for the year ahead on the knowledge and market insights we have collected throughout 2018.

Here’s a round-up of the year’s most useful resources and insights to help you start 2019 with the knowledge to take your learning strategy to the next level:

1. E-Learning Trends 2019 Report

Is your learning strategy ready for the change expected in the next year? Stay ahead of the biggest global trends in e-learning.

2. 10 Mobile Learning Trends to Know before 2019

The hype around mobile learning shouldn’t be understated. This whitepaper uncovers the m-learning trends that should be on your radar for 2019, including actionable strategies to bring them to life within your Learning and Development (L&D) programs.

3. How to Prepare Yourself For Gen Z – The Mobile-First Workforce

Download our whitepaper to learn how the adoption of modern learning technologies with mobile functionalities can help your company cope with challenges that come with a mobile-first workforce.

4. All In on AI: Your Guide to Artificial Intelligence in L&D

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is here for L&D but what does that mean? Find out how to automate and personalize your learning experiences, while saving time, through AI.

5. Social Learning & The Benefits of Employee Generated Content [Customer Story]

Find out how social learning and employee-generated content is creating relevant, authentic and applicable learning experiences at Swisscom.

6. What Does Social Learning Look Like? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Leveraging the 70:20:10 Model, Social Learning facilitates learning and development efforts in the work environment to improve retention and engagement. See what social learning looks like in this infographic.

7. Mobile Learning: The World is Your Office [INFOGRAPHIC]

Mobile learning is your ticket to better engagement and knowledge retention among your learners. Find out the top 3 mobile learning trends for 2019.

Are you ready to breathe life into your enterprise learning strategy?