4 DoceboInspire Sessions You Won’t Want to Miss

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Leave DoceboInspire with insights on sales enablement, cultivating a culture of learning, and more!

There are plenty of exciting reasons to attend DoceboInspire, Docebo’s learning and development conference (taking place in Boston on September 18-19, 2017). Attendees will be able to network with likeminded L&D professionals and hear from industry leaders. Most importantly, they’ll have the unique opportunity to learn new perspectives on various L&D topics and how to overcome common eLearning challenges.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the exciting topics that will be covered at DoceboInspire!

Take a Peek into the Future of eLearning

If you’ve ever wondered, “what does the future of eLearning hold?”, or “which trends are going to dominate in 2018 and beyond?”, and “where should I prioritize my eLearning initiatives?”, then you won’t want to miss DoceboInspire’s Analyst Perspectives panel, The Future of eLearning.

The panel will include Aberdeen Group’s Zach Chertok, Towards Maturity’s Laura Overton, and 70:20:10 Institute co-founder Charles Jennings. Attendees will have the opportunity to hear their unique insights and perspectives on the latest eLearning trends, technology, and the future of eLearning.

Transform Your Sales Results with Learning

If you’re interested in supercharging your sales results, look no further – Mike Kunkle, a respected sales transformation strategist and sales training/sales enablement expert, will be at DoceboInspire to tell you how.

Radically transforming sales results requires a systems approach. In his session, Mike will explain the simple yet transformative concept of a systems approach for sales, and detail four key systems: sales selection, sales support, sales learning, and sales management. Don’t miss this session if you’re looking for real-world, practical advice about how you can transform your sales results.

Cultivate a Culture of Learning

Research shows that top performing organizations are five times more likely to promote a learning-forward culture. But, how exactly is this achieved? How can L&D professionals expand beyond the horizon of learning innovation to cultivate a culture of learning?

All of these answers (and more!) will be provided in Beyond the Horizon of Innovation in eLearning: How Identity, Process, and Technology Cultivate a Culture of Learning, a DoceboInspire session led by Docebo’s Chief Learning Officer, Josh Squires. Josh will share the latest industry research to provide attendees with actionable takeaways on how to leverage the technology, people, and processes required to foster an effective culture of learning.

Measure Learning Outcomes for Improved L&D Performance

Aligning learning to business performance results is easier said than done. It’s crucial for L&D departments to track the right learning metrics, develop insights, and demonstrate learning ROI to the C-Suite. In this DoceboInspire workshop, we will discuss the tips and tools you need to improve your capabilities in measuring learning outcomes and aligning learning to business performance results.

Harness Your Leadership Skills

You might have the best eLearning tools available, but if you can’t connect with yourself first, you’ll never be able to connect with your learners. This is a topic that will be explored by Joshua Miller, Certified Executive & Personal Coach, at DoceboInspire. In his session, Joshua will teach you how to harness your leadership skills by being your authentic self.

The topics listed above barely scratch the surface of the incredible sessions you’ll experience at DoceboInspire. View the current agenda here.

Learn and shape the future of eLearning at DoceboInspire. Tickets are selling fast… register for DoceboInspire today!