Docebo – Cookie Policy

The websites, and * and (hereinafter “Sites”) use cookies. Cookies are text strings created by a server and stored on the hard disk of your computer or any other device used by the user to have access to the Internet (smartphone, tablet) before being retransmitted to subsequent access of the user to the Internet.

Cookies allow to collect information about user navigation on the Sites, for example to remind language preferences or the currency used for a purchase, and propose them to the next visit to facilitate the use of the Sites.

Cookies may be stored permanently on your device and have a variable duration (so-called persistent cookies) or may disappear when the browser is closed or have a limited lifespan (so-called session cookies).

Cookies can be installed by the Sites you are visiting (so-called first party cookies) or may be installed by other websites (so-called third party cookies).

The Sites use first-party cookies, third-party cookies and other similar technologies, as further described below.

Browsing and Functionality Cookie

The Sites use session and persistent first party session cookies to ensure you with a safe and efficient surfing and use of the Sites as well as to improve the services rendered by the Sites.

These cookies allow the recognition of the selected language and country from which you are connecting. These technical cookies recognize you during a new access to the Sites, and avoid you to enter your data each time. For example, if you have selected some items for a purchase inside your shopping bag, and you do not complete the current purchase, you will be able to resume and finalize it the next time you will be back to visit the Sites. Finally, functionality cookies enhance the browsing experience.

Analytic Cookies

The Sites use Google Analytics cookies to collect information on the use of the Sites.

Google Analytics settings provide the sharing of data with Google in order to use the following services: i) Benchmarking, aggregated and anonymous data can be used to help create features and publications that can give you a better understanding about what’s happening across your entire industry, ii) Technical support, to provide service and resolution to technical issues to enable Google to provide assistance iii) Account specialists, Google sales and marketing specialists to find ways to improve your experience with Google products.

For more details and information, please visit the supplier’s page here

By default, the analytical cookies using the entire IP address of website users to provide general geographic data in the reports.

It is possible to disable Google Analytics’ cookies using a specific plug-in available at the following link:

Social Cookies

The Sites use third party cookies that allow users to interact with social networks (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.) and in particular to share Site’s content through social networks mentioned above.

Profiling Cookie

The Sites use profiling cookies with which you can record the preferences observed during each visit and create profiles that allow you to send messages aligned to the preferences and more responsive to your interests, for example allowing you to display more quickly the products you are looking for or provide you with the article more similar. The Sites also allow the use of profiling third-party cookies that serve to make you see our business proposals even when you’re visiting other sites (retargeting).

The features of the cookies used on the Sites are described in the following tables:,
Cookie nameTypeFirst party/Third PartiesDuration
1 = Persistent
2 = Session
More information
Google Analytics


Analytics/ ProfilingThird parties1


AnalyticsThird parties1


Analytics / ProfilingThird parties1


AnalyticsThird parties1


AnalyticsThird parties1


ProfilingFirst party1
IDEProfilingThird parties1
frSocialThird parties1
__stidSocialThird parties1


SocialThird parties1




Cookie nameTypeFirst party/Third PartiesDuration

1 = Persistent

2 = Session

More information
YII_CSRF_TOKENSecurityFirst party2Used to prevent cross site request forgery exploits.
backend_*_*_*_saasSessionFirst party2Used to identify AWS region
docebo_sessionSessionFirst party2Used to track session related information
hydra_access_tokenSessionFirst party2Used to get access to Hydra’s API services
remember_meSessionFirst party2Use to implement the “Remember me” functionality
id_transactionSessionFirst party2Use to maintain ecommerce transaction ID for payment gateways integrations(e.g. Zuora)
SimpleSAMLAuthTokenSessionFirst party2Used to handle SSO with SAML Identity Providers
mprtcid_*SessionFirst party2Used to save course rating attempts by users
max_login_attempts_reached_expire_timeSessionFirst party2Used to track failed login attempts
failed_login_attemptsSessionFirst party2Used to track failed login attempts
reseller_cookieSessionFirst party2Used to track login by resellers
dashlet_display_style_*SessionFirst party2Used to save preferences for legacy (6.9) dashboard widgets
userManagementSelectedColumnsSessionFirst party2Used to save column selection preferences in legacy (6.9) user management
userman-fancytree-activeSessionFirst party2Used to save orgchart node preferences
hash_routeSessionFirst party2Used to encode URLs for redirects handling
AWSALBSessionThird Parties2Generated by AWS to handle loading balancing
dashlet_display_style_*_puglicSessionFirst party2Used to save preferences for the dashboard widgets of theme 6.9 (Public Catalog)
userman_selected_grid_columnsSessionFirst party2Used to store a custom selection of the selected columns
userman-fancytree-expandedSessionFirst party2Used to save the organization chart node preferences
userman-fancytree-focuSessionFirst party2Used to save the organization chart node preferences
userman-tree-collapseSessionFirst party2Used to save the organization chart node preferences
lorepocat-fancytree-activeSessionFirst party2Used to save the organization chart node preferences
lorepocat-fancytree-expandedSessionFirst party2Used to save the organization chart node preferences
lorepocat-fancytree-focusSessionFirst party2Used to save the organization chart node preferences
grid-filter-waiting-users-course-*SessionFirst party2Used to store a custom selection of the selected columns
AWSALBCORSSessionFirst party2Generated by AWS to handle loading balancing.

It has an explicit SameSite attribute set because of changes made from Chrome 80 and upwards

cookie_privacy_policySessionFirst party2Used to toggle the dialog box managing the activation of the My Areas of Interest feature
improvement_areas_profiling_reminderPreferencesFirst party1Used to toggle the dialog box about the My Areas of Interest channel activation
can-open-improvements-area-dialogsPreferencesFirst party2Used to toggle the skill profiling dialog box of Docebo Discover
e-signature-configuration-promptPreferencesFirst party2Used to toggle dialog box of E-Signature OTP activation
SAML_login_counterSessionFirst party1Used to count SAML Login. Used to count the failed login attempts from the same browser in the last 10 seconds. If the counter reaches 5 then the cookie “SAML_login_disabled” is created to block the redirects to IdP.
SAML_login_disabledSessionFirst party2Used to break loops when there is a wrong configuration of SAML in place. The system, at 5 failed logins within 10 seconds, no longer tries to redirect.

The cookie is set when the “SAML_login_counter” reaches 5, disabling the redirects to IdP.

SimpleSAMLSessionIDSessionFirst party2Stores SAMLSessionId
{appname}.LanguageSessionFirst party2Used by theme 6.9 to set and restore the platform language
blocksPositionSessionFirst party2Used by theme 6.9 to store the items’ order when manually repositioning dashboard list items
_pendo_accountId.*StatisticalThird party1Unique platform account identifier used by Pendo to provide statistical data aggregation for the purpose of analyzing the platform usage and improving its design
_pendo_meta.*StatisticalThird party1Anonymized statistical cookie used by Pendo to provide statistical data aggregation for the purpose of analyzing platform usage and improving its design
intercom-session-jeycegl2SessionThird party2Use to implement the real time chat functionality for contacting the support/sales team.

In the event that the customer may personalize/ insert the content of the LMS involving the introduction of other cookies these must be specified in a cookie policy borne to the customer.
Cookie nameTypeFirst party/Third PartiesDuration
1 = Persistent
2 = Session
More information
_csrfSecurityFirst party2System security cookie used to validate web requests (like ajax)
_identityAuthenticationFirst party1System cookie used to store some login details for returning users
_languageUsabilityFirst party1System cookie used to store the preferred language
erp-sessionAuthenticationFirst party2System cookie used for the current login session only

Your rights to object and refuse cookies

Accessing any landing page of the Sites, a banner which contains a short information notice is shown to you. If you close the banner or you continue browsing by accessing any other section of the Sites or selecting any item of the same (e.g. in image or a link), you consent to the use of cookies.  A “technical cookie” is used to remember your consent regarding cookies. You can know the information and how to disable third-party cookies by clicking on the links in the “More Information” table containing the list of cookies.

You may object to cookies being recorded on your hard disk by setting your browser to disable cookies.

Check here for the instructions provided by the major browsers.

Internet Explorer

After doing so, however, certain web pages may not perform correctly.

For more information on cookies and to manage your third parties profiling cookie preferences we invite you to visit the following site: When you open the Sites, inside the “Your choices” area, you can find the list of the third parties companies and partners, who install cookies on our Sites (Company), verify the presence and the status of the installed cookies activity (Status) and manage the consent (choosing between On/Off). Expanding the dedicated selection (Info) to every company you can access to more information on the company and explore, via a link, to their specific information notice on cookie and privacy.

Data collected using cookies will be processed by Docebo NA, Inc, Docebo SpA and any of our corporate affiliates.

Your rights

At any time, you may submit a request for access (i.e. request information on personal data collected, used, disclosed or processed by Docebo), as well as a request for integration, rectification, or erasure, or object to our processing of your personal data. Furthermore, you may also be able to exercise the following rights to restrict processing, data portability, and lodge a complaint with a data protection authority.

In particular, you have the right to object and withdraw your consent, in whole or in part, to the collection, use, disclosure or processing of your personal data for purposes of dispatch of advertising material, direct selling or for the fulfillment of marketing surveys or commercial communication (e-mail).

If you prefer that the processing of your personal data is carried out solely by means of traditional contact methods, you may object to the processing of your personal data by means of automated contact methods.

In order to exercise your rights, you may contact the address below or send an e-mail to