Litmos vs. Docebo

Docebo is the Litmos alternative with the innovative technology, track-record of success and expertise to make your enterprise learning programs shine.

Your search for a Litmos
alternative is finally over

Docebo is built to scale as your business grows by applying new technologies to learning management, including Artificial Intelligence and social learning, empowering our customers to bring their learning strategy vision to life beyond the boundaries of a legacy LMS.

If you’re quickly outgrowing your current learning system or you’re an enterprise seeking to train 300+ people per month across multiple audiences, let’s chat. Docebo can help you create a learning experience that amplifies engagement, makes your people and your customers better at what they do, and makes your business more money.

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*Source: eLearning Industry (as of Jan. 11, 2021)

Strike the social learning spark that’s missing from your learning experience

Docebo Discover, Coach & Share provides a full-scope social learning experience in which:

  • users can contribute their own content, both from their native Docebo Go.Learn mobile learning app or desktop;
  • share it with their peers who will find it most beneficial (thanks to Docebo’s Artificial Intelligence);
  • ask each other questions and begin conversations; and,
  • Benefit from a regularly-refreshed curated flow of content relative to their interests and skill sets to maximize engagement.

It is also a fantastic way to identify subject-matter experts, who might just generate content so good that it could be deployed in formal learning plans, lightening the content creation burden on administrators and instructional designers, while taking full advantage of internal knowledge capital.

You pay only for learning as it happens, not logins

Compared to other vendors, Docebo considers a learner active once they access content within a 30-day cycle.

Why? Because businesses shouldn’t be paying for users not using the system.

With Docebo, you only pay for those actively training, making it a whole lot easier to scale your training efforts, customer education project or for-profit learning business without worries related to license management or paying for seats going unused. There are no additional licensing or storage costs.

Docebo’s monthly active user model is the right fit for:

  • A company going through a growth spurt and onboarding new hires
  • Compliance training with anticipated spikes in LMS usage to minimize overages
  • Scaling your learning business or customer education program. Because active users reset every month, you’re able to better understand how to scale your business, while managing costs to maximize profitability.

Start using Docebo in less than 90 days

It takes 12–18 months to implement other LMS providers. With Docebo, you’re up and running in 3 months or faster.

Why take a year when you can move quickly?

Make your learning environment an extension of your brand

LMS vendors talk a lot about customization and creating branded platforms and dashboards. Problem is, these promises are usually limited to adding your brand’s logo and color palette.

At Docebo, we’ve always felt that brand went beyond logo and color palette, extending beyond the look of a platform, but into the experience of being within it. You can entirely white label the Docebo platform (yep, you can remove any reference to Docebo if you want – it’s ok, we get it.)

Docebo has a drag-and-drop widget-based page and menu builder to guarantee your imagination and creativity aren’t inhibited by LMS limitations. Docebo provides you with a blank, yet powerful canvas to create a learner experience guaranteed to keep your people and your customers coming back for more.

Oh, and did we mention that the same experience extends to mobile learning too…

Docebo keeps support and customer experience in-house – the way it should be

Customer experience goes beyond providing customer support services, either live online, over the phone, or through email. With Docebo, you’re welcomed and supported by:

  • A dedicated onboarding and implementation team to make sure your platform is launched to your expectations and guaranteed to help your team meet its goals
  • A dedicated customer experience manager  who will help you outline the goals and KPIs for your learning project, get the most out of the Docebo system, and connect you with our product team so you can provide input into the direction of our product
  • An account manager who will help you identify new opportunities, scale your projects, and implement new functionality into your environment
  • A customer experience hub, Docebo University, where you can become a Docebo product expert, build relationships with fellow Docebo customers, and share your L&D expertise.

Know how learning is impacting your business

We know reporting is never one-size-fits-all. Different companies have different goals, and they need the data to tell them how close or how far away they are from achieving them. But, there’s only so much you can learn from canned, out-of-the-box reports.

Docebo’s Custom Reports gives you a way to get at the data, granularity, and visualization you need to scale your learning programs, schedule reports to keep different teams in sync with what’s happening in your learning system, and understand how your programs are contributing to the performance of your people and your business.

It’s all about making sure you know what’s working, what isn’t – and knowing how to fix it. Report types include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Users, groups, and courses
  • Webinar and ILT sessions
  • Certifications
  • Extended enterprise
  • E-commerce transactions
Social and collaborative learning
Learners can contribute content (from mobile app too!)
Third-party learning content integrations
Single-source learning content with versioning (central repository)
Drag-and-drop UI/UX configuration
Gamification system
Rewards shop
Offline mobile learning support
Localization tool and support for 40+ languages

*Source: eLearning Industry (as of Nov. 2020)

Scale across different business units and your extended enterprise

Automation and granularity in user management helps you scale your learning programs effectively, especially if you’re training multiple audiences.

We’d rather you had more time to think about building out your digital learning strategy and keeping your customers happy than eating up time administering your LMS. With Docebo, you’re able to automate administrative tasks to help you get your system set up sooner, and separate courses and catalogs, while limiting visibility of certain ones inside of one domain.

We do this through Docebo’s branches, groups, catalogs and channels features. Along with Docebo’s Central Learning Object Repository, you’re able to manage and version content for different domains from a single location, without having to make the same changes multiple times.

With Docebo, you can:

  • Pick and choose what Power Users can and can’t do, and where, without having to give them access to everything.
  • This is particularly powerful if you’re a large company and would like to delegate some administration to business owners across the company or in external training use cases, such as customer or partner training.

Additionally, a powerful set of integrations and APIs, including CRM (Salesforce), CXM (via API), SSO, content authoring, and e-commerce (Shopify, PayPal, Stripe, and more), connect Docebo to the business systems you’re already using or need to build, market and sell content, catalogs and certifications.

Recognized as the world’s #1 Learning Management System (LMS) by E-Learning Industry, Docebo supports 2,000+ companies to develop lasting relationships with their customers; build, scale and monetize learning across the extended enterprise; and equip employees for the challenges of tomorrow – all from a single platform.

Unleash your learning culture with Docebo!

Still have questions?

What kind of companies are best suited to use Docebo?

  • Mid-sized to large enterprises
  • Fast-growing software companies that need to train their employees, customers and partners quickly – and in a single platform.
  • Companies that have outgrown their existing LMS and require a more robust solution that matches the pace at which they’re growing.

How does artificial intelligence work in the Docebo platform?

Specialized algorithms built on machine learning, deep learning and natural language processing work together to analyze content, user interactions and automate administrative functions.

Learn more here.

Why is social learning important for the Docebo learning experience?

Docebo’s social learning feature, Discover, Coach & Share, helps companies improve performance by enabling their customers, partners, and employees to learn from each other, share meaningful content, and learn in the flow of work.

Learn more here.

Can I build multiple domains off a single Docebo instance?

Absolutely! With Docebo’s Multi Domain App, you can set up multiple custom domains so each domain has different administrative rights and distinct branding elements to establish an individualized experience for each audience.

Learn more here.

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