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Using Docebo LMS enabled us to save $88,088 annually per team

Find out how using docebo allowed CHART Healthcare to increase staff confidence in medical competency by +40% and save $88,088 annually per team*


more confidence in their competence on complex procedures and skills

saved per 6-person team annually (on average with 3-year engagement).

Who is CHART Healthcare?

CHART Healthcare Academy, Inc. is a professional development company focused on delivering healthcare professional training programs to support specialty clinical disciplines.

Using their CLASS™–Continuous Learning Accountability Support System, CHART Healthcare creates a unique training ecosystem, incorporating interactive training elements and assessments to accommodate for the user’s native learning style.

CHART Healthcare aims to develop highly skilled and confident professionals that physicians can rely on for complex procedures.

“CHART Healthcare Academy is focused on delivering state-of-the-art training utilizing the Docebo platform. This powerful platform allows us to meet healthcare professionals where they are and get them to where they want to go.”

Stephanie Jasa
CEO, CHART Healthcare Academy

Challenge: While nurses and technologists are high in demand, resources for training are scarce.

Specialty healthcare areas were reporting explosive growth due to an aging population. To support this growth, highly skilled Allied Professionals were heavily recruited, challenging the current talent pool.

Unfortunately, the availability of education and training resources were scarce and typically only offered through on-the-job learning, leading to disjointed training experiences and significant gaps in knowledge.

The complexity and the wide variety of clinical scenarios resulted in many Allied Professionals lacking the confidence to perform certain skills during procedures.

Adding to the dilemma, heavy recruitment from hospitals to medical companies left hospitals short-staffed and under-trained, as their clinical leaders and highly-trained support staff walked out the door with their expertise.

This dilemma forced hospitals to rely on expensive temporary staffing to fill the critical staffing gaps for their specialty teams with no guarantee of demonstrated competency.

Solution: CLASS™ Methodology—training with continuous learning, accountability, and a support system

With Docebo, CHART Healthcare Academy delivers training using CLASS™ Methodology– Continuous Learning Accountability Support System.

Each curriculum is built to incorporate relevant training, blended learning components, and accountability measures, leading to a mastery of skills. Each program is designed to support the learner through a progressive learning path, which builds upon a strong foundation in order to move learners more confidently toward more complex concepts and advanced skills.

Additionally, each topic and supporting blended learning components are designed to be modular and chunked according to learning level, sub-topics, and relevancy. As healthcare providers typically have only one hour to devote to education in one sitting, the curriculum is designed to take no more than that to complete.

Assessments, knowledge checks, and skill validation activities are triggered in order to keep the learner accountable in their learning. Using the MAP™— My Accountability Portal™, managers have oversight of their team’s training progress by simply reviewing the manager dashboard.

Result: 40% increase in staff confidence in competency, up to $88,088 saved per six-person team*

In both the hospital-based and medical device company programs, successful completion of the CHART Plus+™ training program has resulted in improved employee professional skills, measured through confidence surveys and knowledge assessments.

Using self-evaluation through confidence surveys, the results have shown an increase in confidence by more than 40%. This success factor is attributed to the implementation of the CLASS™ methodology combined with delivery via the MAP™.

Investing in the CHART Plus+™ integrated training program has allowed hiring at an entry-level, resulting in immediate ROI, in regards to salary. Well-trained professionals and lower salary costs provide the opportunity to bring in new advanced technology systems and products—further advancing the treatment of patients.

CHART Healthcare Academy will continue to deliver “high-CLASS™” programs that leverage blending learning to develop highly skilled healthcare professionals, meeting the increasing expectations of the hospitals, organizations, physicians, and patients – because that’s what should be expected!

* Average yearly cost with 3-year engagement

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