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How Disguise increased their active learners 4x with Docebo


increase in learners


increase in learning revenue

53 NPS

from customers on training


is the platform for creatives and technologists to imagine, create, and deliver spectacular visual experiences. Combining the leading experience production software with powerful media server hardware, Disguise empowers brands, artists, production houses, and their partners to tell stories that inspire their audiences.

Alex Lapthorne is the Global Head of Training for Disguise and is quoted throughout this case study.

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The Challenge

Training customers on a highly technical product

As a technology company, Disguise builds software and hardware solutions that help creatives build immersive, innovative experiences that mesmerize their audiences.

As Disguise’s Head of Global Training, Alex Lapthorne tells us, Disguise’s platform is complex and supports niche and highly technical areas of a variety of different industries, including things like virtual production filmmaking.

To help all of their customers get the most out of their products, Disguise offered detailed in-classroom training. When the pandemic made those in-person classes impossible, Disguise quickly pivoted to online learning.

The online courses worked as a stop-gap, but they weren’t very user-friendly. The learning platform wasn’t branded, a lot of the content was gated, and the formats were outdated.

Disguise needed to make a change. They needed to go all-in on their online customer training experience, redo their information architecture, create new micro-learning content, and improve their user experience.
Fortunately, Disguise was working with Docebo, a powerful, enterprise-ready platform that could deliver everything they needed and more.

“Thanks to Docebo and our hard work, we offer some of the best-in-class learning available in our industry.”

The Solution

The Zoom Learning Center, powered by Docebo

To create the online learning experience their customers deserved, Disguise decided to go all-in on Docebo by completely redesigning their learning architecture, upgrading their existing plan, and adding more features, like Docebo Connect and Discover, Coach & Share, with support from the Docebo team.

With Docebo’s flexible and highly customizable platform, Alex was able to transition from eight articulate SCORM courses to over 80 courses in a modern microlearning format. He and his team created Disguise Learn (powered by Docebo), a branded platform to deliver flexible, on-demand learning tailored to the needs of their customers. They created content in different formats, including masterclasses, online training, accelerators, and workshops, which they tailored to their key industry verticals: corporate, broadcast, virtual production, and live events.

Now, Disguise Learn can cater learning to different user profiles with customized pages for different communities, including targeted content and different language options for Disguise’s customers around the globe. They use Discover, Coach & Share to enable user-generated content, allowing learners to share their own tips and learner material and fostering an engaged learning community.

They used Docebo Connect and added seamless integrations with Eventbrite and Open Badge Factory. Now, they use Eventbrite for workshop bookings and payments, and Open Badge Factory to “gamify” learning: badges earned within Docebo can now be added to learners’ LinkedIn profiles with a single click. Docebo serves as a central point of truth for all of this learning data.

“Our software isn’t something that you can just pick up, so training our customers is very important to help them succeed. It can’t be an afterthought. We need to be as user-focused as we can.”

The Results

4x increase in learners and 45% increase in training revenue

Docebo has allowed Alex and his team to rebuild Disguise’s learning content with more focused content, presented in a way that suits how learners like to learn.

Even though most of Disguise’s training is available online for free, they’ve still managed to increase training revenue by 45% between 2021 and 2022, and they are predicting another 75% increase in 2023. That’s because customers who take their online courses are more likely to sign up for specialized in-person classroom learning.

Customers love the new online training: in addition to the positive qualitative feedback that Disguise has received, the training has also gotten a 4.49 score (out of 5) on feedback surveys and a 53 Net Promoter Score.

In the past 18 months, they’ve increased the number of online learners taking their courses 4x, and course completion rates have gone up 30%.

For Alex, building Disguise’s own branded learning platform shows their customers that the company values the training they offer, and they should too.

“I don’t want something pre-packaged that only allows me to change the colors. I want to be able to design a system that works for my users and what their needs are. And Docebo allows us to do that. We can give every one of our users a tailored experience if we need to.”

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