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UN Global Compact Academy + Docebo: Scaling ESG training programs and advancing sustainable strategies


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The UN Global Compact Academy

provides business leaders and practitioners with the skills and knowledge they need to move their companies further faster in implementing the Ten Principles1 of the UN Global Compact and the Sustainable Development Goals, by combining:

Short, hands-on skills and capability building at scale
Broad expertise in sustainability across functions and industries around the world

The Academy designs short modules and longer journeys, ranging from 30-minutes to 6-hours in length.

These help ensure that learnings are applied in the daily operations of organization through live workshops, interactive digital modules, virtual communities, and actionable insights they can take in real-time.

Ingvild Sørensen is the Senior Manager of Programme Delivery and Academy, UN Global Compact and and is quoted throughout this case study.

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“We’ve come a long way since 2018. We now engage over 17,000 companies and we have 130,000 course registrations and completions. Having the ability to house all of our training in one place, involve more team members in the learning experience, and track overall company progress has been so important.”

The Goals

Accelerate and scale global aggregate impact

As a key pillar of the UN Global Compact value proposition, the Academy is designed for all companies participating in the UN Global Compact (more than 17,000) and accessible to all their employees. The audience spans across levels of seniority and corporate functions. The Academy is able to curate in-depth learning journeys at scale with the help of Docebo.
Docebo worked alongside the Academy team to build a bespoke digital learning platform that would help redefine the global programmatic collaboration model.

The platform curates all relevant and actionable best-in-class content and learning resources from the Global Compact.
These resources are then matched to industry, issue areas, geography, company size, and the stage of the sustainability journey for each topic

Facilitate company-wide change management

The Academy provides free content, tools, and training to participant companies via the Docebo Learning Suite. The Compact also assists these companies as they seek to integrate the Ten Principles into their plans and operations by helping them set achievable targets and milestones. Together, they build sustainable progress over months and report on specific outcomes.
The introduction of this platform in 2018 represents a strategic shift in how program-related work is developed, allocated, managed, and implemented globally. Data that used to be siloed is now centralized and more accessible for everyone, which helps to increase mutual transparency, trust, and collaboration between the Compact and participant companies.

“Along the way, there’s been a lot of different needs, but it’s been great to work with a platform provider who is aligned with us on the global ambition of being able to think big from the get-go in how we reach our audience in more than 180 countries.”

The Results

Academy snapshot in 2023

The Academy provides the 17,000 companies participating in the UN Global Compact with unlimited access to training material. As of 2023, the Academy has over 35,000 users worldwide, and that number continues to grow annually.
With the broad-based support of over 193 participant countries in the United Nations General Assembly, the UN Global Compact remains the single, global normative authority and reference point for action and leadership within a growing global corporate sustainability movement.

Supporting future goals
The UN Global Compact Strategy spells out the Global Compact’s ambition to accelerate and scale the global collective impact of business by upholding the Ten Principles and delivering the Sustainable Development Goals through accountable companies and ecosystems that enable change. By 2023 year-end, it aims to:

  • Double the number of committed companies demonstrating accountability and progress
  • Grow and strengthen local and regional networks for global coverage and balanced growth
  • Grow committed SMEs and their collective action
  • Focus and strengthen UN Global Compact engagement with UN agencies for shared impact
  • Engage effective industry coalitions to advance the principles and goals
  • Execute more focused and aligned programs
  • Implement, improve, and track more progress through the Communication on Progress (CoP)
  • Enhance the quality and value of curated platforms

Docebo is proud to serve as a means to promote these goals and help facilitate Environment, Social, and Governance (ESG) training.

“At the UN Global, we work to accelerate sustainable change aligned with Global Compact principles and the wider UN agenda and Sustainable Development Goals. Impact to us means driving behavioral change.”

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