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L&D Diaries

nCino trains 40,000 customers, partners and employees with Docebo

How nCino developed a global on-demand product certification program for 40,000 customers, partners, and employees.

See why thousands of
enterprises choose Docebo

Their dream

The nCino team needed a learning solution that could not only train end users on how to use the nCino product, but also train their customers, partners, and employees on how to configure and customize the product to achieve maximum value.

In addition, they wanted to find a way to identify subject matter experts (SMEs) in specific aspects of their solution and encourage them to share their expertise.

“We wanted a platform that had more reporting capabilities and more visibility into the courses our learners were taking.”

Why Docebo?

  • The Extended Enterprise module gave nCino the flexibility to easily train customers, partners, and employees in one platform, while controlling the rights for each.
  • Docebo’s Discover, Coach & Share module was the perfect tool to help the nCino team source SMEs within their organization and give them a platform to share their knowledge.
  • Docebo’s adoption of gamification, badges, points, and leaderboards incentivized employees and external learners alike to push themselves to compete with peers and earn certifications.

“By developing a rigid, standardized, on-demand curriculum and delivering it online via Docebo, nCino ensures that those who earn certifications are properly vetted and have obtained the experience needed for success in their roles.”

“Docebo allows us to make things easy for our learners, which gives us more retention and higher adoption rates, firing up our people with the ability to learn more.”

The future

The nCino team is continuing their learning journey while diving into new features on the Docebo platform. Many of their internal products and tools are built on the Salesforce platform, and the integration Docebo offers allows them to connect all the pieces together and tell their success stories using data-driven metrics.

“After switching over to Docebo, we’ve seen a spike upwards of 400 net new users on the platform which is unheard of at nCino.”