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Case Study

scores 47,000
enrollments in
just 7 months

How Hawk-Eye created a beautiful social learning platform for their sporting tech employees.

See why thousands of
enterprises choose Docebo

Their mission

James and his team wanted a platform that could provide updated training on-the-go and act as a central location for their global teams to come together.

“Our goal is for the platform to be as engaging as popular social networks, to train people in our business virtually as effectively as a personal tutor, and for it to become the voicebox of our business.”

Why Docebo?

  • Hawk-Eye released Docebo during their project on the Rugby World Cup and noticed the positive impact that e-learning had on their numerous freelancers, who were able to prepare before getting to site.
  • Instead of using slides or links to Google Drive, James and his team were able to actively provide materials and track their comprehension and progress with their online academy.
  • The Docebo Mobile App allowed Hawk-Eye’s head of rugby the ability to review every TMO (or Video Review) whilst on the move between stadium locations.

“Docebo ticks a lot of boxes outside of being an LMS”

Overcoming the challenges

  • Docebo has helped provide learning content to more people than ever before, loosening the pressure of having to distribute trainers globally.
  • Now, Hawk-Eye’s workforce has access to a mobile platform with important information that allows them to provide feedback to others who may be facing similar technical or onsite issues.
  • The team at Hawk-Eye have leveraged their global social learning platform so they can easily critique, dissect, and improve operations that fall below expectations.

“I think LMSs have a stigma of being too corporate and stuffy, certainly not a place where you would share information or engage people. Docebo is completely different to that.”

The scoreboard

courses created

channels in use


Averaging  active users a month

+ video reviews of key officiating incidents from onsite operations

“We’ve established a core learning plan that’s central to everyone that comes into the company. It means that we can also hire staff all over the world, and we can put them through the same quality and level of training”