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How Docebo helped Co-op Solutions build a learning culture

Find out how Docebo helped Co-op Solutions transform their compliance-driven training environment into a learning culture

courses available
hours of reporting saved each month
increase in completions

Who is Co-op Solutions?

Co-op Solutions is a FinTech company that helps credit unions leverage the latest technology to serve their members and propel growth.

Quintessence (Quin) Tucker is the senior training specialist for Co-op Solutions. She is a certified instructional technologist with years of experience designing, building, and implementing training programs.

“Docebo has made my life a lot easier. It’s a one-stop shop for everything we need.”

Senior Training Specialist, Co-op Solutions

The Challenge

  • Outgrowing their previous LMS’s limited features and automation.
  • Wasting hours of time uploading courses and running reports.
  • Finding the right LMS to build a learning culture at their company, with a wide variety of courses.

“My ultimate goal is to create a learning culture at our company. And to do that, we needed an LMS that had better automation and a more complete course catalog than the one we were using before.”

Senior Training Specialist, Co-op Solutions

The Solution

  • Docebo Learning Suite:A one-stop shop for all of their learning needs.
  • With AI-powered automation and thousands of pre-made courses available.
  • Now, Quin can upload courses in minutes and run reports in seconds.

“I was doing a lot of manual work in our previous LMS. Having easier navigation, better reporting, and just being able to customize Docebo to do lots of different things has made my life so much easier.”

Senior Training Specialist, Co-op Solutions

The Results

  • Over 2,100 courses currently available to learners.
  • 70 to 80 hours of reporting time saved each month.
  • 58-70% average increase in learning hours in Q1 2022.
  • 60-81% average increase in course completions (Q1 2022).
  • A company culture that values learning at every level.

“Docebo has helped me get much closer to fulfilling my dream where everyone wants to log in and learn things and complete courses, and it makes me feel great. The fact that people keep going back says that we’re doing something right, and I just get to keep making the learner experience better and better.”

Senior Training Specialist, Co-op Solutions

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