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How Docebo’s Revenue Enablement team uses our Learning Suite to empower teams for success

Find out how The Vault saw an increase in asset engagement by 50% since Q1 2021

increase in asset engagement since 2021
increase in number of sellers
new hires in 2021

About The Vault

At Docebo, our Revenue Enablement team leverages Docebo’s Learning Suite to provide Enablement with relevant and engaging content offerings for our entire global Revenue organization. They are supported by Docebo Shape, Docebo Learning Impact, Docebo Learning Analytics, and The Vault, Revenue Enablement’s internal instance of Docebo Learn LMS

The Vault supports onboarding journeys, houses all internal processes and strategies, and enables the team to deploy content focused on upskilling and reskilling in the flow of work —serving as a knowledge repository, learning delivery system, and learning experience platform all in one.

“We’re spoiled at Docebo getting to use our own suite of products to offer incredible learning experiences to our full revenue team”

Vanessa Metcalf
Director of Revenue Enablement, Docebo

The Challenge

While Docebo is fortunate to have an entire Suite of products for overcoming learning challenges, all Enablement teams face the same issues.

These common issues include:

  • Measuring the effectiveness of Enablement programs in relation to business outcomes
  • Communicating success of programs within the organization
  • Accessibility of resources needed to support large audiences
  • Identification of opportunities and weaknesses within the program to identify areas for improvement and investment

“From streamlined onboarding, role-specific content and experiences and deep analytic insights to guide our future planning, we’ve got all we need under one roof to build and launch revenue driving training and enablement programs.”

The Solution

With innovation, togetherness, and impact at our core, The Vault was designed as a one-stop-shop for all Revenue employee needs:

  • All messaging and positioning
  • Enablement on ideal customer profiles, personas, and our competitors
  • Product enablement
  • Customers facing collateral
  • Role-based landing pages with relevant content

Docebo’s Enablement Team outlined specific goals for the Suite:

  • Deliver best-in-class Onboarding programs with the goal of driving optimal ramp times across all roles within Revenue.
  • Develop and execute continuous education programs for all teams within the Revenue organization.
  • Work with functional partners to ensure field readiness for product launches and product improvements enablement strategies.
  • Strengthen knowledge and adoption of our entire tech stack.
  • Work with our functional partners to ensure all teams have access to the timely content, resources, and SMEs.
  • Distribute change management strategies across all teams 
  • Align revenue leadership to ensure reinforcement and adherence to Enablement processes and systems.
  • Execute on a variety of strategic initiatives aligned to the gaps of the distinct audiences we serve.
  • Upskilling and reskilling everyone in the revenue organization.
  • Partnering with Revenue leadership to drive effective coaching strategies.

The Results

Since the launch of the Vault in Q1 2021, Docebo has tracked many measurable benefits of the program, including:

  • 50% increase in asset engagement since the launch
  • 48 NPS from internal survey participants
  • 82 NPS on Onboarding program 
  • 17% Year over Year Win Rate increase
  • >100% quota attainment
  • Onboarded 180+ Revenue new hires in 2021

With leadership buy-in prioritized, a healthy culture of learning is consistently reinforced. Representatives are equipped with a resource that has the depth of content at their fingertips, and a learning culture that embraces both formal and informal learning.

This is a success story on how Docebo’s Revenue Enablement team leveraged their own Learning Suite to drive the effectiveness and productivity within their own teams and people. The success of this initiative drives business scalability through consistent education of new products and go-to-market strategies, as well as sustainable revenue growth.

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