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How uses Docebo Connect to automate tasks and focus on impact

is a social media advertising automation solution that helps companies create unified advertising campaigns across networks.
 Ian Janes is a Learning Solutions Manager at and is quoted throughout this case study.


The Challenge

Creating a riConnecting their LMS to the rest of their tech stack–without help from ITsk-free learning space for users

As a Learning Solutions Manager, L&D is always at the top of Ian Janes’ list of priorities. But that’s not the case for other teams, especially busy coders and IT specialists who are focused on improving’s core product.

To get the most out of their Docebo LMS, Ian and his team needed to connect it to the rest of their tech stack, and especially to their HR management system (HRMS). Without the integration, was struggling to keep employee records up to date across platforms. Updating records manually was tedious and introduced errors.

Asking’s developers to build an integration for their Docebo LMS would have required a complete shift in their priorities, and likely would have never even happened.

Instead, Ian and the L&D team needed a way to create the connections to their Docebo LMS themselves. With the right tool, the L&D team could streamline the data flow between systems and cut down the need for manual updates.

“If we wanted to use internal resources to build these integrations, we would have had to make the case for why we needed them…It’s much harder to push our way to the top of another team’s list of priorities than it is to just do something ourselves.”

The Solution

A low-code tool to make connecting their LMS easy

With Docebo Connect, the L&D team can now seamlessly integrate their Docebo LMS with the rest of their tech stack—and they could get it up and running in a matter of hours, as opposed to months.

They started by integrating’s HRMS with their LMS. Now, an automated workflow (recipe) is triggered every time an employee’s information changes in the HRMS that updates the user’s data in Docebo automatically. Instead of spending several minutes on each update, now they don’t even have to think about it.

But the L&D team didn’t stop there: they used Docebo Connect to integrate their LMS with Google Calendar and Airtable, too.

Connecting to Google Calendar allowed them to sync their global training calendar with employee data, so they could access the right training in the right timezone.

Connecting Docebo to Airtable allowed them to upload over 80 courses automatically in minutes, saving them hours of tedious manual work in addition to reducing the human error involved in this type of manual process. And the best part? This recipe can and will be re-used in the future.’s team plans to extend the functionality so it works on an ongoing basis to continuously update courses from Airtable.

Best of all, Ian and his team were able to do all of this themselves, without pulling in resources from other teams.

“Everyone was much happier not having to make changes manually…It wasn’t just the time savings, either. Automating such a tedious task was great for morale. And Docebo Connect allowed us to do that.”

The Results

More autonomy and less time spent on tedious tasks

Thanks to Docebo Connect, the L&D team can create recipes and automations so that information flows seamlessly between their LMS and other tools in’s tech stack– without any help from’s developers.

Using Docebo Connect saves the entire L&D team time, cuts down on the need for manual data input, and gives them the autonomy they need to focus on more important and interesting work instead, like launching a certification program for their customers and supporting some major go-to-market initiatives for their products with both internal and external training.

Docebo Connect allows them to get the most out of their Docebo LMS–and the rest of the tools in their stack, too. But most importantly, Docebo Connect is great for morale: employees know that their time and efforts are valued.

“It makes a big difference to employee engagement to be able to focus on tasks that make a difference, rather than working on tedious manual tasks that anyone could do. That’s the biggest impact for me.””

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